18 Oct 2011

Occupy Orlando….Day Three

Day 2 according all reports went rather smoothly. There were a lot less people and that was to be expected. Day 3 brought some added people throughout the day and some changes started to take place. The police were considering where people could camp out although no decisions were made

16 Oct 2011

Diverse Groups Occupy Orlando

l saw the seaman standing Idly by the shore l heard the bosses saying Got no work for you no more But the banks are made of marble With a guard at every door And the vaults are stuffed with silver That the seaman sweated for A Song by Les

14 Oct 2011

Sign Waving in East Orlando

This is where it all started; the corner of Alafaya Trail and E. Colonial Ave. The location is a few hundred yards from the Obama Campaign headquarters where Diane Rambo and I met during the 2008 campaign three years ago. Diane is now organizing community actions through Moveon.org and other