27 Aug 2012

Tampa- A Waste of Progressive Time

Aug. 27, 6:49 AM. Random thoughts while in the hospital waiting room as my wife is undergoing the final phase of reconstruction.   Yesterday several people I know went to Tampa to take part in a planned protest of the GOP, its candidates and its policy positions. It might have

12 Aug 2012

The Dishonest Campaign of Joe Saunders

*Author’s Note-I am an independent advisor to the Shayan Elahi Campaign. I have no responsibility for managing it, my opinions are strictly my own and I am not being compensated. I would normally only offer my endorsement, however, the circumstances here are extraordinary and I feel compelled to let the

10 Aug 2012

Handicapping the Hors…er…Candidates in Orange County, Florida Part 2 County Races

“De Camptown Ladies sing dis song, Doo-Dah! Doo-Dah! De Camptown Racetrack five miles long, Oh! Doo-Dah Day!”   The primary season certainly does feel like a long distance race with the finish line almost in sight. Everyone concerned is practically out of breath and sleepless as we come into the

08 Aug 2012

Handicapping the Hors…er…Candidates in Orange County, Florida Part 1 Judicial Races

*“I got the horse right here, the name is Paul Revere, and here’s a guy who says if the weather’s clear….”   Wow! To hear all the judicial candidates speak at all of the events they are invited to one would think that they are all the embodiment of Oliver

22 Jul 2012

I No Longer Own Any Guns

  I did it! I finally sold off my last two working firearms and I feel as though a burden was lifted from my shoulders. Gun use was practically a rite of passage growing up. Many of the movies we love involve gun violence. True also of the TV series

03 Jul 2012


By Jerry Waxman Prior to this year the date June 28 produced a few blips on the radar of some historical significance. Here’s a sampling: 1846   Adolph Sax patents the saxophone 1902  Congress passes the Spooner Act authorizing the building of the Panama Canal 1914  WWI begins with the assassination

24 May 2012

Civil Rights for all Means Just That

Equality seems to be coming in a lot of forms recently. The Republican War on Women shows the tremendous inequality that poor and middle class women face especially in health issues. The GLBT community has had a huge boost recently thanks to VP Joe Biden and President Obama and all

22 May 2012

((((((( Under The Radar )))))))

It’s been almost a month since I’ve submitted any articles and my editor is getting antsy. “What do I pay you for?” he asks, to which I reply “You don’t. I do this for love.” “I love you” he says, and for the time being that’s enough. I have to

19 Apr 2012

The Revolution Was Televised (Only We Didn’t Know It)

Dance programs on radio were nothing new in 1957. They had been around in one form or another since the dance marathons of the Depression years. Swing bands used to do remote national hookups into living rooms across the country and the kids used to dance at their house parties

01 Apr 2012

Don’t Ever go to Sleep! (Or Whatever Happened to My Vote?)

Remember that final scene in the great 1956 sci-fi flick The Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Remember Kevin McCarthy running down the highway bouncing off of trucks loaded with alien seed pods shouting to us warning that as we slept they took us over? Let’s apply that to what’s happened