20 Dec 2010

Zombie Food Safety Act Resurrected by Senate

(From Red Green & Blue) Industry must really want the Food Safety Modernization Act (S 510). It was dead, dead, dead – the clock had run out, and considering the gridlock in Washington, the fact that Jim DeMint (R-SC) had promised he would block most everything the Democrats brought up, and

10 Nov 2010

Off the Rails: GOP Misreading Ayn Rand in Blocking Railroads

(Originally appeared at RedGreenAndBlue) The teapartiers who swept into power last week may have missed a major point in their reading of Ayn Rand. In her seminal work, “Atlas Shrugged”, Rand  has railroad magnates as her heroes, and it is a symptom of America’s decadence that the railroad network is

23 Oct 2010

I Can Haz Oilburger? Punking of Chevron Continues

The Yes Men are so pleased with their punking of Chevron’s greenwashing ad campaign that they’re outsourcing the folow-up. More mockery is on the way, and Chevron doesn’t like it.

18 Jun 2010

Senate Dems Meet on Climate Bills, Accomplish Nada

The US Senate, the world’s greatest high school debate squad, continues to fiddle on the climate and energy bills. And while oil gushes into the Gulf, and we enjoy the warmest spring in recorded history, and prepare for a heavy hurricane season, our esteemed Senators are concerned that we’re moving… too fast. Jay Rockefeller (D-Coal Country), actually wants to roll back what little HAS been done.

09 Jun 2010

Graham Won’t Vote for his Own Climate Bill

The Washington Independent reports that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) won’t support his own climate bill, that he’s spent months developing with John Kerry (D-MA) and Joe Lieberman (?-CT). Maybe it’s time the Senate Democrats stopped playing footsie with Republicans who will never vote with them, and actually pass a bill.