17 Nov 2011

Balanced Budget Amendment: A Quick Thought!

The balanced budget amendment put forth by republicans and being endorsed by some blue dog democrats is another issue that shows the out of control political posturing and rhetoric that has caused such a division between the political parties and bogged down the political process.  Both sides of the line

11 Nov 2011

The Small Business Mans Struggle

Earlier this month Politico hosted an event in connection with Small Businesses for Sensible Regulation and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.  This is something that would have normally flown under my radar.  I am glad I did hear about it though since the event touched on some important issues

15 Aug 2011

Questioning Natural Gas?!? Who’s right?

The New York Times normally does an excellent job of uncovering corruption, exposing untruths and shedding light on issues important to New York, the United States and the world. Sometimes though, the New York Times chases a problem that doesn’t exist. That’s exactly what happened with Ian Urbina’s recent NYT

02 Aug 2011

Little Things People Like to Forget About The Debt Ceiling Debate

Here are some little facts people like to ignore during this debate: 1.) Republican Leaders Agree U.S. Default Would Be a “Financial Disaster” 2.) Ronald Reagan Tripled the National Debt – Forced to raise taxes, Yes Taxes, eleven times to avert financial catastrophe, Reagan nonetheless presided over a tripling of the

25 Jul 2011

Who’s Slowing the Yellowstone River Clean Up? Not Who You Think!

So for my first post on the site I thought I would start off with an issue I have been following that has my thoughts spinning a bit.  This may go either way with most of my fellow readers and posters but I wanted to get it out there.  First off