30 Oct 2010

Dump Obama: Not for Wackos Only

I was going to take a pass today, in honor of my favorite holiday, Halloween.  But I was cruelly distracted by a headline at HuffPo:   Obama Primary Challenge?  Nearly Half of Dems Want 2010 Fight.  The article cites an Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll and states: Among Democrats, 47 percent say

23 Oct 2010

Dump Obama: Time for a Candidate

Continuation of the Dump Obama series, in which I agree that we need to start looking for a candidate

16 Oct 2010

Dump Obama: for a Time of Crisis

Continues the series: Dump Obama as a response to crisis, alternative to the defunct More and Better Democrats strategy

09 Oct 2010

Dump Obama: Working Today

Dump Obama update, the power of No, the broader movement develops

22 Sep 2010

Dump Obama: More Urgent than Ever

Follow-up to Time for a Dump Obama movement. Response to feedback.

11 Sep 2010

Time for a Dump Obama movement

time for progressives to make their discontent tactical, calling for dumping Obama

21 Aug 2010

Julia Williams for Congress, Green Independent for Michigan 12 — Reflections

on Julia Williams for Congress, and reflections on the Full Court Press tactic

28 Feb 2010

Towards a Psychology of Activism

the assumptions that keep us powerless

27 Feb 2010

Election Heads Up: Saturday Edition (New Jersey)

status for the great state of New Jersey

16 Feb 2010

Is the blogosphere a community?

on the correct handling of trolls