09 Oct 2011

Dump Capitalism 4: and it’s 1, 2, 3 …

… what are we fighting for? Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn. Next stop is old Iran. Or Pakistan. Afghanistan. Or China. Or Wall Street. Whatever. As I discussed previously in Dump Capitalism 3, both the old left and the once-new left of the 60’s were strongly influenced

27 Sep 2011

Dump Capitalism 3: we define ourselves

It was while I was watching news coverage of Bush’s invasion of Iraq. The story of the hour was that U.S. forces had met some resistance and the offensive was temporarily stalled, until massive air power and artillery support could be brought to bear. Paramount was avoiding American casualties. On

18 Sep 2011

Tyler for President! Obama will be primaried

The following was posted Friday on Daily Kos, getting over 120 comments and 12 recs. I figured I was walking into a hostile crowd, and I wasn’t disappointed, but the dynamics were instructive. Within minutes, the Obamacrat wolf packs descended, having caught “Obama … primaried” like a red flag to

12 Sep 2011

Dump Capitalism 2: you and what army?

Oh yeah! You and what army? A crushing retort when I was in the 3rd grade. Right up there with I’m rubber and you’re glue. But not really such a bad question. You may recall from my last post, Dump Capitalism: beyond tactics (pt. 1), I made two main points:

03 Sep 2011

Dump Capitalism: beyond tactics (pt. 1)

The left keeps chugging along, keeping to its well-worn tracks. It has lots of arguments, some of them smartly conducted, some of them even interesting. There are even occasional insights. But it’s a train to nowhere. Take the debate over working to reform the Democratic Party versus going independent (please!).

22 Aug 2011

Corndogs and Their Discontents

There are games better not played, because even if you win, you lose. The tribal game is one of them. We all know, of course, that racism, sexism, homophobia and classism are sort of uncool. But now that we are (already) mired in the presidential campaign season, suddenly some progressives

09 Jul 2011

Dump Obama: a Primary Focus

Here we go again. The headlines blare that Obama is putting Social Security on the table (or chopping block) in his negotiations over raising the debt ceiling. The howls and yowls echo throughout the land. Jane Hamsher, in the Breaking Point, thunders: What we’re watching is the death of the

11 Jun 2011

Everybody talks about the Unemployed … (part 2)

(continued from Everybody talks about the Unemployed … [part 1]) Towards a new plan This is not THE master plan, but it can give some direction. The examples of the unemployed councils of the 1930’s and the welfare organizing of the 60’s are helpful, but they do not provide blueprints.

11 Jun 2011

Everybody talks about the Unemployed … (part 1)

… but nobody does anything about it. Including the left. Yeah sure, when they roll out their litany of charges against Obama, they cite the unemployment percentage, the REAL unemployment percentage, they decry the cutbacks, the impact on the elderly, the threat to Social Security and Medicare, all that. Good

05 Jun 2011

Misery Doesn’t Love Company

Mis’ry don’t love nothin’.

Allow me to begin with a central premise:

I am completely indifferent to arguments about whether the Democratic Party or the Republican Party is better (or worse). I do consider it relevant to look at the dynamics of how the two parties interact. The task is to build the resistance to austerity and war, not pick which of the corporate elite will defend us.

It is worth [re]stating in the face of the “Vote Obama because the Republicans will eat your grandmother” rhetoric (certainly they might) which pounds our ears and eyes daily. Yes, the trouncing the left has taken in the last 2 years can evoke a certain level of despair. Indeed, I have noticed a “let it all go to hell and the quicker the better” attitude popping up from time to time. People blow off steam, okay.

But on Thursday I saw that crystallizing into a hardened position in response to a piece by the New Progressive Alliance’s Anthony Noel, Grayson, Kucinich, Warren, and the Road to Hell Supposed leftists were openly advocating a Republican victory in November 2012, advanced as a serious strategy in opposition to the NPA’s organizational plan of primarying Obama in 2012 and then backing an independent in the November generals. I suppose these doombringers (let’s call them the emiseristas) have been baited beyond endurance by the Obamacrats, but hey … (If the following sounds harsh, recall that I am critiquing the ideas, not the individuals.)

Let us consolidate the comments of 5 of this strategy’s advocates:

I think the system needs to collapse before it can be reborn … Personally, I hope a Republican gets elected and hurries the country on its way. I am tired of being fed a line of BS from the Democrats about how horrible the Republicans are and/or what they’d do for us, but because of “X” they can’t. Sorry.

Gets to the point.

The lesser of the two evils is the most evil in the long run … I cannot vote for Obama, and will vote against him for the “batshit-crazy Fascist”. The faster we can break this system, the better chance we have of people remembering what they fought for and won over the last century … vote for whatever crazy assclown the R’s run, hoping that they defeat Obama. Then, let’s see 4 years of them showing it down all of our throats NATIONALLY, like Scott Walker did in WI. I think, hope, enough will then wake up … The danger is someone who does not come across as crazy.

Have you considered running?

Maybe a real fascist winning and then consolidating his power, martial-law style, will DO the trick. Maybe then fat-ass America will get off its collective sofa to fight the power.

What trick is that?

What is falling, one should push: let’s be helpful in assisting the plutocrats in the destruction of a republic which is rotting from the head down by voting republican as often as possible … When there is nothing left, that is when real change will begin … No, this is not snark, but rather outside the box thinking.

The box being a coffin?