04 Dec 2014

The Untold Truth on Race Relations

I am of the firm belief that race issues,  are tools of the establishment used to divide us. In the case present the issue should be police brutality, a broad based concept that is an increasingly accepted concept. When you excluded 85% of the population from the group you are

28 Nov 2014

Obama’s Record on War is A Neo-con Dream

In keeping with his desire to fulfill his 2008 electoral mandate, Obama came to office promising that he would end the war and only engage  in war when it was necessary, smart. Then he, unsuccessfully,  tried to break the agreement to leave that had been forced on the Bush administration

24 Nov 2014

Chuck Hagel an American Hero- “He took the job to end the war–not start another one,”

One of the few surprises about the Obama Administration was the selection of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. Hagel’s record of challenging  Bush’s warmaking was one of the few bright spots for the antiwar brothers and sisters before, during and after the Iraq debacle. Hagel, a war veteran, was

23 Nov 2014

Video: SNL Spoofs Obama’s Amnesty Order

Saturday Night Live opened with a dig to the Obama Administration’s executive order granting temporary amnesty to millions. They noted the mid term elections and the fact that it was not the desire of the American People. A very funny, yet sad statement by the SNL team.

21 Nov 2014

Obama to Oregon Voters: Not! – You Will Give Illegal Immigrants Licenses, Incur all Costs

The Federal Government is forcing State and local governments to incur the costs of supplying corporations with cheap labor and to make sure wages never rise. The voters of Oregon just voted to deny illegal immigrants licenses. They will be forced to give them licenses now. If the Democracts keep

18 Nov 2014

Oregon Voters- Legalize Pot, 2/3’s Say No to Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

As the voters of Oregon were legalizing marijuana they overwhelmingly voted to reverse their  Republican/Democrat overlords recently passed law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses in the state of Oregon. The supporters of the illegal immigrant licenses out spent the grassroots advocates 10 to 1. Oregon is not a

19 Oct 2014

Video: Progressive Establishment Makes Ron Paul Look Good

As the Progressive Establishment in Washington supports more war, deterioration of civil liberties, more bankster-friendly policies and if you took everything that they are advocating doing for you it would not effect your life in the least, would not make your children or grandchildren’s lives/futures any better, they offer only

18 Oct 2014

Video: Journalist Whistle-blower?

Journo tells of the depth of media manipulation. One of the reasons I like Cenk is he walked away from establishment MSNBC when they asked him to be a go along with the establishment, very honorable. This ex-journalist on the how it is perpetrated. http://youtu.be/lm4OUcfiM-8

06 Oct 2014

Video: Civil Robbery

Pretty bad stuff, John does it again.

01 Oct 2014

Video: The All Muslims Argument Beautifully Destroyed

It is nice to hear someone call out the Main Stream Media for their open bigotry on the monolithic “Muslim Countries Issues”.  Most Muslim countries have very peaceful non-mutilating societies. http://youtu.be/EYG7GR13DnU