13 Jan 2015

9/11 Report Co-Chair -The Saudis did it, are still doing “it”

Former Senator Bob Graham deserves some credit for trying to bring attention to the Saudis , by all definitions, responsible for the 9/11 Attacks. They were Saudis on the planes, financed by Saudi Arabia and forwarding Saudi Arabian nurtured Wahhabi extremism. Over 60% of the suicide bombers in Iraq were

10 Jan 2015

Video: Obama the More Effective Evil

With the election of Barrack Obama- the opposition to wars, corporate welfare,  prosecution of wall street, opposition to the drug war, prosecuting torture,opposition to the bail-out, attacking whistle blowers and journalists(really the same thing) ect ect died with the Democrat party. Glenn Ford nails it with his correct analysis that

04 Jan 2015

Vote Clinton/Bush 2016 “Four More Wars, Four More Wars!”

When I look to differences between the Hillary and Jeb on war-making  I find complete harmony. The former Board Member of Walmart, Hillary Clinton, may be a bigger neocon. If you thought the Obama/Romney foreign policy debate……. excuse me, love-fest Kabuki was something -Jeb and Hillary will be an orgy

01 Jan 2015

Obama-care Falsely Forwarded as Progressive, It Must Die

Much as the Democrat Party is a placeholder to preclude something good Obamacare is the placeholder for universal healthcare. In other words it was designed to stop progress towards single-payer. A product of the Heritage Foundation it was originally forwarded/failed as legislation  by the Republicans in the early 1990’s, Bob

24 Dec 2014

Top Libertarian Post (Video)- Enemy or Ally?

This has been the top post at the leading libertarian website for the last few days, that sort of thing is not unusual. Last month someone posted the exact number of days Manning has been subjected to incarceration. Other than this site, the biggest supporter of Manning has been the

18 Dec 2014

US Admits Failure to Destroy the Cuban Revolution, Changes Tactics

The catalyst for action on Cuba is not a desire for better relations, but the acknowledgement that the openly repressive policies had failed and were a profound embarrassment to, what is left of our, reputation in the world. Because of the Bay of Pigs it was difficult to roll out

16 Dec 2014

Greenwald Exposes Judge Richard Posner- Privacy is for Dirty, Shameful Acts

This excellent article by Mr. Greenwald exposing Judge Posner as unfit for the bench by notifying us of his bizarre assertions that privacy is for deviates. The implication here that there should be no privacy concerns for citizens if the state has any security concerns is there would be no

14 Dec 2014

Democrat and Republican Voters Deserving Our Ridicule, Necessary for Change

One of the most amazing and disheartening experiences of my life has been the reality that Democrat and Republican voters take no accountability for what they have wrought by their votes empowering the establishment. That disconnect between who you vote for and what they enable is staggering. Their is no

10 Dec 2014

Video: 35 Articles of Impeachment by Dennis Kucinich

As I watched a reply of Bush angrily looking deep into the camera and declaring ” we do not torture” -the disclosed facts indicate Bush knew a couple years before that that torture had occured- common sense would lead one to believe Cheney would have informed him. It is so

06 Dec 2014

Putin:‘Russia will be a sovereign state or cease to exist’ -Warning Will Robinson!!

Putin:‘Russia will be a sovereign state or cease to exist’-This is a statement of fact. There are no forces in Russia,internally, that would have that country ceasing to exist. Putin is incredibly popular. Putin’s statement ‘Russia will be a sovereign state or cease to exist’ , emphasis on statement, is directed