03 Feb 2015

Video: Children Yearning For the Measles….Anti-Vaxxers Rule!

Remember the days when children longed to get the measles? Yes, “the measles” was the infection of choice of kids in the know. From the Donna Reed Show to the Brady Bunch we see children rejoicing at the prospect of avoiding school for a few days. Unfortunately, today’s children are

02 Feb 2015

Democracy Now Video:The Syrizian Revolution- The First Occupy Success

Democracy Now bringing on the Greeks to edify us with an accounting of how Syriza is challenging the ruling class, the oligarchs, the 1%. The Greeks were sold out to Goldman Sachs by their corrupt rulers, a conspiracy that tripled, quadrupled then accelerated Greece’s National Debt to unsustainable levels. The

31 Jan 2015

Video:Syriza a Rare Game Changer-A Challenge to the Money Masters Cabal

http://youtu.be/iDtBSiI13fE Syriza, the Greek left, has the potential to be a rare game changer for the world. In flipping the bird to the Banksters, Greece may join Iceland in freeing it’s people from decades of austerity, generations long debt burden and negative interference by those whose only interest is to

25 Jan 2015

Video: The Original Right/Left Debate They Desperately Still Avoid

Noam Chomsky  has been destroying “the right” for generations. William Buckley, the darling of the right for a generation and originator of a large part of the right’sdoctrine it forwards this day. Noam demonstrates the weakness of the right’s argument for righteous war. The same argument that is not allowed

24 Jan 2015

An Open Letter to the Democrats and Those Who Elect Them “The Purveyors of Evil”

When Obama came to office he maintained and/or strengthened all important right-wing policies. 1.On monetary policy exactly the same as Bush. 2. Dems and their supporters  are aptly described as the main protector/enabler of wall street’s extraction of wealth from the middle-class. 3.On war-making, they stayed in Iraq .until forced

19 Jan 2015

Video: MLK Not Supported by a Majority of the Black Community In Last Year of LIfe

I can think of no better way to celebrate, honor the good doctor than learning something new about him and/or the causes he fought for. It’s a good day. I admittedly miss the Travis/Cornell roadshow. Their support for Glen Ford and his take down of establishment tool Micheal Dyson both

17 Jan 2015

Pope Advocates Violence Against Non-Violent Conduct- Claims Religion Should be Exempted from Any Acts it Deems Offensive

In the tradition of the Catholic Church this  Pope has no qualms about advocating violence when one is just offended by another person.  The fact that he used it to legitimize the Charlie Hedo massacre is indicative of the “Church” it’s conduct. His take seemed to be that when you

17 Jan 2015

Video: 2014 Lunatic of the Year Award

There were so many to choose from! Lunatic-  a person whose actions and manner are marked by extreme eccentricity or recklessness. In part lunacy requires the actual belief, or reckless disregard for the truth, this would exclude those that use arguments that know their assertions are false. even though they would appear to be the ranting of a lunatic. Also  magnitude

15 Jan 2015

How Mass Immigration Was Used to Kill the American Dream

This excellent article by Robert Reich is worth the read. Chocked full of facts detailing the demise of the American Worker. He appropriately ascribes responsibility for the American Worker’s/American Dream’s  demise  to corporations/the 1%.  Robert fails when he shamefully avoids the fact that the corporations use/have used mass immigration, as

14 Jan 2015

Video: Scahill to CNN ” Terrorism Expert Industrial Complex” Sweet!

Jeremy has distinguished himself from other Journalists with his his deep knowledge of world affairs and and the willingness to sacrifice all at the alter of the truth. He chose to reject the Main Streams advocacy journalism with all its substantial perks for fidelity to the truth. He is among