07 Oct 2005

In the Hot Seat

According to Murray Waas, today is the day for Rove. Waas has had some great sourcing on the Traitorgate story, so I guess we’ll all see when the cameras start clicking away as Bush’s Dough Boy and his posse of expensive attorneys make their way up the sidewalk and back

07 Oct 2005

Not a Good Week for BushCo

Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the UN watchdog agency, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and the organization itself have won the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize. Some of you may remember ElBaradei from the wonderful BushCo press conferences prior to the Iraq War where the Preznit and his cronies all but

06 Oct 2005

But Wait, There’s More…

Reuters has now posted their one-up story on the AP, and it contains some very interesting stuff. For one thing, Rove’s testimony may not come tomorrow it may be stretched to next week. The article states: “Officials declined to disclose when Rove would appear, but the grand jury is expected

06 Oct 2005

Rove To Testify Again Tomorrow

He’s baaaaaack. That’s right, Uncle Karl has been given an opportunity to testify for a fourth time before the Special Grand Jury tomorrow, according to an AP wire report. No time has been given for expected testimony, but expect lots of lovely, harried shots of Karl and his attorney pals

06 Oct 2005

Harriet Miers Closeted…Feminist?!?

Well, here is a story guaranteed to give James Dobson a sleepless night or two. It seems that Harriet Miers, the Preznit’s new nominee for the Supreme Court, may be a closeted feminist. Ms. Miers served on the Board of Southern Methodist University Law School in the late 1990s and

06 Oct 2005

Not Counting Yet, But Just in Case…

None of us have any idea what cards Patrick Fitzgerald might be holding at this moment. He has played a brilliant hand of poker up to now, keeping everything very close to the vest, with all the leaks seemingly coming from frustrated defense lawyers trying to salvage the reputations of

05 Oct 2005

Inner Workings of a Grand Jury

‘Tis the season to be indicted, it seems, especially if you are Tom Delay or one of his cronies. Or at least to appear before a Grand Jury pondering indictments. One of the questions I get most frequently is “How does a grand jury actually work, anyway?” Since grand juries work in secret, and only the jurors themselves, the prosecutor, and the witnesses ever get any insight into how things are

03 Oct 2005

Look! Quick! It’s Crony Man!

This morning, President Bush nominated Harriet Miers, his White House counsel and long-time friend, confidante, exercise buddy and ass-coverer, to be the next Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States. Following the Dick Cheney model of career advancement, Ms. Miers was the chair of the selection committee for