13 Oct 2005

WHIG vs. the CIA: My Money Is On the Company, Part I

You see the term WHIG thrown all over the blogosphere these days, hear the pundits say the words “White House Iraq Group,” and you wonder — what the hell is that all about, anyway? Most of the readers of this blog have a passing familiarity with all things Traitorgate (if

12 Oct 2005

Judy’s On the Stand

Judy Miller, NY Times reporter and now testimonial pro, testifies again today before the Special Grand Jury looking into the Traitorgate mess. Updates as we get them. Meanwhile, what to do with your time? Maureen Dowd has an excellent and snarky op-ed on the Miers mash-note nomination. Unfortunately, it’s up

11 Oct 2005

Why This Matters

The news is flying fast and furious this evening: Raw Story has an excerpt from tomorrow’s WSJ saying that the investigation may have broadened to include the whole of the White House Iraq Group. (More on this soon, I promise.) They dragged Victoria Toensing out from under her rock again

10 Oct 2005

“The B-Team is in charge.”

Okay, now it is officially getting good. Two days in a row, Hardball with Chris Matthews on MSNBC has featured guests and commentary on how much trouble Rove and others in the President’s inner circle are likely to be facing in Traitorgate. On Friday, Michael Isikoff previewed tidbits from his

10 Oct 2005

Judy, Judy, Judy Redux

Ah, Judy. Queen of the NY Social Scene. Martyr of journalistic integrity and principle. Writer of truths and well-researched factual tomes. Cough. WMDs. Cough. Curveball. Cough. Well, and except for that pesky notebook found in the Washington bureau of the NY Times full of notes or something indicating that she

09 Oct 2005

Who’s Laughing Now, Button Boy?

It’s Sunday morning, Mr. ReddHedd graciously agreed to let today be my sleep in day, so I’m getting a late start. But there is plenty of coffee, some leftover baguette toasting in the broiler, Sunday morning talk shows on the telly…except, well, this morning we Tivo-ed the early stuff because

08 Oct 2005

Oh, What a Tangled Web…

The story just keeps on spinning in the Traitorgate universe. There have been a spate of articles the last couple of days with multiple anonymous sources close to the case — some legal, some investigative, some clearly with only spinning credentials to their name. It’s enough to make a spider

08 Oct 2005

Please Take a Moment…

Please take a moment to send a prayer and a thought from your heart toward the survivors and family and friends of everyone in the Pakistan-India region that suffered a massive earthquake today. Over 400 children were killed in two schools alone today, and the death toll will continue to

08 Oct 2005

Mwahaha! This Is Your Strategery?!?!?

This is the best you could do, Karl? Jeff Gannon/Guckart/Gucky/whatever is one of the people trusted to take a peek at the State Department top secret memorandum? You know, the one that was marked “Secret” in clear letters? That was a violation of the SF 312 to disseminate to anyone

07 Oct 2005

Come In From the Cold, Judy…

Well, looky here. Judith Miller, NY Times diva and patron of the St. Regis hotel in DC, discovered some more notes of conversations with Scooter Libby — this time for conversations in June of 2003. And she has given them to Patrick Fitzgerald, according to this Reuters story. Judy, come