19 Oct 2005

Wednesday Evening News Round-Up

News tidbits, leaks and think-pieces are hitting the wires and the internets faster than…well, I can’t think of anything pithy, but they are plentiful, let me tell you. It’s been a long day of waiting for indictments, and reading through the news of lots of little bits of things that

19 Oct 2005

Wanted: Boy Genius?

File this is the completely hilarious folder. Had to post this for everyone, after cleaning up the tea that I spewed all over my keyboard laughing. According to Wonkette, the following was a listing posted on Craigslist (since removed): Excellent career opportunity for Boy Genius Excellent career opportunity!!! Seeking Deputy

19 Oct 2005

From a Sinking Ship

Someone is talking to the NY Daily News, and they aren’t very happy with Karl Rove. He made Bushie look bad, and that is simply unacceptable. The fact that he may have broken the law in doing so doesn’t seem to have registered with the Daily News’ source, but that

18 Oct 2005

The Razor’s Edge

One of the issues we have all been discussing here has hit the wires in a substantial way today in Murray Waas’ latest piece for the National Journal. Looks like our boy Fitz is zeroing in on discrepencies in testimony between Scooter Libby, Judy Miller and a host of others.

18 Oct 2005

“They call him Flipper, Flipper…”

Developing story, courtesy of Raw Story, that John Hannah is cooperating with Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Hannah is a senior national security aide who has been on loan to Vice President Cheney’s Office from John Bolton’s office at the State Department, from when Bolton was the Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs.

18 Oct 2005

A Little Soft Shoe to Start?

And so it begins. The pushback at Patrick Fitzgerald has already started, before charges have even materialized for anyone involved in the Traitorgate mess. A little softshoe, testing the waters to see what works, what grabs hold and resonates, what will be a good set of repeated catch-phrases and talking

17 Oct 2005

The Gathering Storm

Have been waiting for an excuse to use this picture, and this evening feels just about right. You can feel it, too, can’t you? That ever-growing feeling of pressure and tension in the air. That hint of ozone from the lightning striking closer and closer. It’s not just me this

17 Oct 2005

Mystery Solved

There is a USA Today bio piece out today on I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby today. It’s an interesting piece, full of quotes from people who have known Libby since his Phillips Academy days, through his time at Yale and onward. Apperently, Scooter played soccer in college and likes to play

17 Oct 2005

The Non-Statement Statement

How do you mess with someone’s mind as a prosecutor? You spend months investigating the highest levels of the government, up to and including the President and Vice President. Keeping your mouth shut. Keeping your staff from leaking. Maintaining the highest levels of integrity in how you conduct yourself. And

17 Oct 2005

Dr. Yes?

Seems like our boy Fitz is asking an awful lot of questions about Dick Cheney lately. From an awful lot of staffers who might be in the know on an awful lot of things. This morning’s Bloomberg contains an intriguing story that details questions being asked by Special Prosecutor Patrick