04 Jun 2014

Boston Bombing News: Matanov,Kadyrbayev & Tsarnaev

Last Friday saw the arrest and indictment of Khairullozhon Matanov. The indictment can be found here: http://cache.boston.com/stuff/2014/05/30/khairullozhon-matanov-boston-marathon-bombing-indictment.pdf  In simple terms, Matanov is accused of lying to the FBI, and thereby impeding their investigation into the bombing of the Boston Marathon.  It has been acknowledged on these threads that these charges

18 May 2014

Boston Bombing News: Leaks, Public Comments & the Govt. Response:

On 05/02/14  the defense for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev filed Doc 280, Motion for a Hearing: Re: Leaks & Public Comments by LE.  Doc 280 can be found here: This motion requested that the court schedule a hearing to address inappropriate public comments and goes on to allege leaks of grand jury,

04 May 2014

Boston Bombing News: Motion for a Hearing…

On 05/02/14 the defense team for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev filed Doc 280, Motion for a Hearing; Re: Leaks & Public Comments by LE. I was  pleasantly surprised upon reading this document, in that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense appear to be making a substantial effort to counter the negative, (and possibly illegal ?),

17 Apr 2014

Boston Bombing News: 4th. Status Conference: 4/16/14

Yesterday’s 4th. status conference in the case of U.S.A. v Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev began at 10.00 am prompt. Miriam Conrad and David Bruck were the only two members of DT’s defense team present in court and on this occasion William Weinreb did most of the speaking for the prosecution. As

28 Mar 2014

Boston Bombing News: Those Reports:

This week saw the release of lengthy and long awaited reports. (Resulting in much reading for many of us!) The first of these reports was the findings of the Florida State Attorney’s office, in regards to the shooting death, at the hands of the FBI, of Ibragim Todashev.  http://sao9documents.net/documents/Todashev%20final%20Report%2003-17-14%20%280CR%28redacted%29.pdf  (Link

21 Mar 2014

Boston Bombing News: SAMS, Motion to Dismiss & Autopsy Photos:

We are already aware that at Dzhokhar’s Tsarnaev’s next status conference, on 16th. April, the SAMs and  the motion to dismiss charges filed by the defense, are issues to be resolved. I believe that we can confidently add a third item, that being the prosecution’s attempt to prevent DT from

03 Mar 2014

Boston Bombing News: Abuse & Denial of Rights

Following lauraw’s recent post highlighting the Special Administrative Measures imposed upon Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, I have decided to follow up with a quick recap on the abuse and denial of rights,  so consistent thus far, in regards to the events following the bombing of the Boston Marathon and, of course, DT

12 Feb 2014

Boston Bombing News: Third Status Conference: 2/12/14

Today I was fortunate in being able to attend DT’s third status conference,  at 10.00 am,  at the John Joseph Moakley Courthouse in Boston. Judge O’ Toole  began by addressing the issue of scheduling. For this reason, I will begin this post by listing all of the deadlines and court