06 Sep 2013

Help Us Take Down the Private Prison Industry

The number of people detained in for-profit prisons has grown by 1,664% in the past twenty years and the human impact has been devastating. Private prisons report some of the most abusive and inhumane conditions — cutting back on staff training, rehabilitative programing, and health care in order to maximize profits. Last year,

15 Oct 2012

Have you seen these billboards? ColorofChange.org launched a campaign.

Just weeks before election day, voter intimidation billboards have popped up in Black and Latino neighborhoods in Ohio and Wisconsin. The billboards threaten voters with lengthy prison time and enormous fines if they commit “voter fraud.” It’s a clear tactic to frighten people of color and keep us away from

05 Jun 2012

ColorOfChange.org tells the NY Senate: Stop unlawful, racially-biased marijuana arrests

Today, ColorOfChange and partners including Drug Policy Alliance launched a campaign calling on members of the New York State Legislature to stop unlawful, discriminatory marijuana arrests. Black and Latino New Yorkers experience a different New York from that experienced by their White counterparts. By supporting legislation that’s now backed by Gov. Cuomo and

24 May 2012

Tell your state officials: Stand against ‘Shoot First’ laws

This week, ColorOfChange launched a campaign calling on state officials to repeal Shoot First Laws — the dangerous law that’s being used to shield George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin. Please join us in calling on elected officials in your state to stand against these laws. Here’s the email we sent

10 Apr 2012

Tell State Farm, McDonald’s, Johnson & Johnson: ‘Stop supporting ALEC’

  UPDATE: ColorOfChange responds to reports that McDonald’s has ended its membership in ALEC. Today, State Farm, Johnson & Johnson and McDonald’s have all been receiving phone calls from ColorOfChange members and allies. Hundreds of people are making calls to the three new corporations to demand that the companies stop funding ALEC, the

05 Apr 2012

At urging of ColorOfChange, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo sever ties with ALEC

Today, NPR broke the news that PepsiCo has also dropped its membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The shadowy group has pushed discriminatory voter ID laws in statehouses across the country. ALEC is also behind Kill at Will bills like the Florida legislation being used to defend George Zimmerman, the

19 Mar 2012

Justice for Trayvon Martin

Today, ColorOfChange launched a campaign calling on the Department of Justice to investigate the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. Please read the email we sent to members below, and join us in our demand that the DOJ take over the case, arrest Zimmerman and launch an independent investigation

21 Feb 2012

ColorOfChange.org Black History Month Series: Organizing for the Jena Six

Most of us had never heard of Jena, Louisiana. But in 2006, six teenage boys were arrested and the small town of 4,000 would soon be thrust into the national spotlight as a prime example of 21st century Jim Crow justice. It all started on August 31st at Jena High School when a

08 Feb 2012

Our February Series: Katrina and the birth of ColorOfChange

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast in August and September of 2005, upending the lives of 1.5 million people and putting Black folks’ lack of political and social power front and center for all the world to see. The storms magnified racial disparities in the U.S., and no place

02 Feb 2012

Our February series: ColorOfChange history is Black history

This month the ColorofChange blog will feature some key events in contemporary Black history, almost all of which coincide with campaigns the organization has taken on. We’ll be offering you a catalogue of 21st century Black American history and showcasing the stories at the center of our work. Each event we’ll