11 Jul 2012

Rev. Irene Monroe: R&B star Frank Ocean comes out – and exemplifies the community’s rejection of a ‘gay identity’

R&B and Hip-Hop songwriter Frank Ocean has come out. Although it will [be] hotly contested in African American circles, some say Ocean is the first major artist to come out in both industries. For some time there has been rumors about Ocean’s down low trysts. But in Ocean’s new album

14 Jun 2012

Rev. Irene Monroe on South Africa’s ‘corrective rape’ of lesbians

To hear of human rights abuses of Uganda’s LGBTQ population is not new, sadly. Gay activist David Kato was the father of the Uganda’s LGBTQ rights movement. To many of his fellow countrymen Kato was a dead man walking once his homosexuality became public. The country’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill dubbed “Kill

16 May 2012

Rev. Irene Monroe: Black ministers follow Obama

African-American ministers have come out for, and against, Obama’s stance on marriage equality. LGBTQ activists of African descent have pondered what would be the catalyst to rally those African-American Christian ministers to support same-sex marriage and engage the black community in a nationwide discussion. Last week the answer arrived in

03 May 2012

Rev. Irene Monroe: Romney’s gay fall guy Grenell

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, likes to play it safe. Romney avoids controversy, by any means necessary—even if he has to lie, flip-flop for, or somersault. When the news hit on the evening of April 19th that Richard Grenell, an openly gay Republican, was appointed to be Romney’s

26 Apr 2012

How anti-sodomy laws were sunk – racism, jealousy, and a false police report

If you love John Grisham’s fictional legal thrillers, you’ll be riveted to Dale Carpenter’s real life page-turner Flagrant Conduct: The Story of Lawrence v. Texas. Carpenter is a Law professor at the University of Minnesota and is involved with LGBTQ legal issues. Told from the perspectives of the plaintiffs, arresting

12 Apr 2012

The Hunger Games’ young racist fans

There’s a frenzy surrounding the blockbuster film and book The Hunger Games. But the fan attention around the movie has taken a decidedly different turn from the fervor the book caused. The schism originates from the difference between reading ­— where one’s visual images of characters can be both personal and

06 Apr 2012

We are Trayvon Martin: LGBTQ and African Americans united by murder

What does Trayvon Martin’s murder have to do with gay civil rights protection? The quick answer: The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act (mostly known by Matthew Shepard’s name). And this might be the only option the Florida Justice Department has in moving forward to arrest George

01 Mar 2012

Rev. Irene Monroe – Maid in America and ‘The Help’

When Viola Davis lost the Oscar for best actress portraying an African American maid in Katherine Stockett’s The Help to Meryl Streep portraying former Britain Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady at the 84th Academy Awards ceremony, there was a collective sigh of relief from many of us

16 Feb 2012

Perhaps the most dangerous black gay man…Cleo Manago

Cleo Manago is despised by some in the LGBTQ community. Descriptors like “homo demagogue,” contrarian, separatist, and anti-white are just a few that can be expressed in polite company. But to a nationwide community of same-gender loving (SGL), bisexual, transgender and progressive heterosexual African American men, Manago is the MAN!,

26 Jan 2012

Hazing or hate crime?

Robert Champion, Jr.’s murder may never be solved. Those who struck the fatal blows may never disclose whether they used the guise of hazing as an accidental homicide to cover up an intended hate crime. Champion was an unusual student to be at one of the Historically Black Colleges and