06 Dec 2009

Who will primary Obama?

The president is obviously not living up to what he promised during the campaign. The problem is he can because he knows that all Liberals will vote for “the lesser of two evils” this needs to change.

02 Dec 2009

The wrong rationale for the wrong plan

Every rationale Obama gave for the escalation was wrong, but there are real reasons to stay, and real reasons to object to this plan. But most of the left doesn’t seem to understand that.

10 Nov 2009

Op-Ed: This Is Your Health Care Debate Now

Every issue you care about in Health care just got pushed aside for Abortion.

09 Nov 2009

A different method of attack

I suggest we change our tactics from trying to influence the House to influencing the Senate.

09 Nov 2009

The Definition of insanity

Is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results, so why are we trying again with Progressives?

08 Nov 2009

Why Progressives will never change anything.

Progressives keep talking a big game and folding when it comes vote time. There is no Recourse in the Democratic party anymore.