14 Dec 2011

Amazing how the 99% continue to defend the propaganda of the 1%

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen Last night I got into a somewhat heated discussion with a man who argued that the only way we can get things changed is to change the law regarding contributions to candidates.  The discussion went on for over an hour and he never saw the futility

13 Dec 2011

The Wall Street Sponsored Police State is now rolling down Main Street

Cross post from Iflizwerequeen SHAME ON CONGRESS—ALL OF THEM!  Democrat and Republican/Tea Party Jerks alike! Shame on them for their lies and criminal legislation against the people. BUT MOST OF ALL–SHAME ON THE REST OF US, for putting up the the 1% and their crimes against humanity. We can still

13 Dec 2011

Don’t get too excited about the NY “Tax overhaul” or any of their claims

Crosspost from iflizwerequeen ProPublica sets us straight on what the NY “Tax Overhaul” really means: “The tax overhaul that New York state passed this week has been widely described in news reports as raising taxes on the rich and cutting them for the middle class — even as a win for Occupy Wall Street

12 Dec 2011

Why should we support those who support murderers?

ILWQ Cross Post Why anyone, much less a body of elected officials, invest in an evil system that is destroying not only our nation, but our planet?  It is no hyperbole to say that Wall Street corporations pay others to murder people who threaten their profiteering all over the planet.

11 Dec 2011

Obama the Errant Boy Scout who pledges with fingers crossed.

Cross Post from ILWQ If I were going to draw a picture of Obama, it would not be a picture of him as Hitler or as the Joker. I would draw a picture of him as an errant boy scout. He would be pictured as above, but the hand that

11 Dec 2011

One more example of the expansion of the USA Wall Street Corporate Model: Militarization and Privatized Security in Central America

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen Wall Street Owned Globalized Privatized Police–Erik Prince must be salivating at the mere thought of it. As people all over the world wake up to what the 1% have in store for them we see a global emergence of Wall Street owned military-trained privatized police. First

10 Dec 2011

Run for U.S. Congress as an Independent

Crosspost from IfLizWereQueen The requirements for running as an Independent for U.S. Congress or the Senate vary from state to state and so does the quality of the information they provide on their websites.  In order to get your name on the ballot in 2012 as an Independent, you must

10 Dec 2011

They use our Children as cannon fodder to feed their Cash Cow

IfLizWereQueen  cross-post If you are still among those who buy into their patriotic hogwash and nationalistic propaganda, then perhaps you will believe it a little less after reading this: and when they are done, the bodies of our children who died in their fake wars are dumped in a landfill

09 Dec 2011

Pondering Newt’s current reign as favorite candidate.

Cross post from IfLizWereQueen ___________________________________________ Herman Cain’s philandering is not OK, but Newt’s philandering is? Newt Gingrich is a Shining Star of Moral Hypocrisy — Will evangelicals vote for that?  The Republicans appear to be applying their notion of Philanderers rather discriminately: It’s Not OK for a black guy to

08 Dec 2011

Corruption and Crony Capitalism in Washington is worse than many realize

Cross Posted from IfLizWereQueen We can beat them simply by voting them out of office in 2012.  We can leave the rest of  their justice-due up to the higher authority. Corruption and Good Ole Boy Cronyism between Elected Officials in Washington DC and Wall Street Corporations is so bad that