07 Jan 2012

Yet another Obama Boy Scout Appointment to “protect the people”

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen What makes people think that Obama’s latest appointment to “provide financial protection for the people”  will be any different from the rest of his appointments to provide financial protection for the people? Where is the history to support this in Obama’s prior appointments?  It is not

06 Jan 2012

Where are the Usury laws?

IfLizWereQueen Cross Post Charles Ponzi has a lot in common with Wall Street Banks of today–like Ponzi, they are in the business of fleecing Americans. Yes, their games are different, but the end result to the victims is the same:  They are robbed. ____________________________________________________ I was visiting a friend who

05 Jan 2012

The Republican Primary continues to provide entertainment value..

Just when we thought Perry had melted . . . Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen Here comes snowball’s chance in Hell–back at us again! Just goes to show you, you can’t always predict which way a politician will swing. They will say one thing at night and then the next morning,

05 Jan 2012

Montana tells the Supreme Court to Shove it.

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen The rest of us can only hope that Montana’s example catches on. They have said no to the Supreme Court’s ruling of “citizens united”  (Actually that election funding ruling would better be called “1% united”) You may remember that just a week or so ago Montana,

04 Jan 2012

Put Wall Street Media hype in perspective! Only 5.4% of Iowa Voters participated on Tuesday.

Cross post from IfLizWereQueen To listen to the hype flowing like foul lava from the mouths of Wall Street owned media about the Iowa primary on Tuesday, one would think all of Iowa was at their local caucus. The truth is that only 147,255  of the 2,250,423 voters in Iowa

04 Jan 2012

Response to an ILWQ Reader regarding the “falsely maligned” 1%

Cross post from IfLizWereQueen ____________________________________________________ The Comment From the Reader: You know I could care less about Ron Paul or any other politician but your post seems a bit poor in the reasoning department. What seems most off to me is the implication that making lots of money is morally

03 Jan 2012

Don’t participate in the Iowa Circus or any other “two-party” primary.

Cross Post from Iflizwerequeen Step Right Up!  Participate in the Republican/Democrat Circus.  The Price of Admission is the Quality of your Life! If you live in Iowa, don’t caucus.  Stay home.  Turn off your corporate sponsored TV programming.  Libya and Egypt may have had state owned sponsored media to spread

02 Jan 2012

Economic solutions are tied to removing Wall Street Investors from Congress

Cross Post from iflizwerequeen Yes, we currently have a modern-day serf economy.  Wall Street=Serfdom Most of my readers understand all that follows at an intellectual level.  However, simplifying the story often reveals the sheer absurdity of a situation which is often obfuscated behind layers of cliches and standard political rhetoric,

01 Jan 2012

Ron Paul may be the biggest hypocrite in Washington DC

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen:  More on Ron Paul and his Wall Street Investments in Mining Companies As I’ve mentioned before, Ron Paul may have a few good ideas, but the heart of him is no different from any other Congressional member of the Wall Street Party for the 1% that

28 Dec 2011

Saint Ron Paul is a greedy Wall Street multimillionaire hypocrite just like the rest of them.

Crosspost from iflizwerequeen To listen to some Ron Paul fans, one would think that he is in line right after Jesus and  the Virgin Mary. “Taint so” folks.  Ron Paul is no different from the 44% of our Congress who are Wall Street multimillionaires.  Like them, he too has gotten