16 Jan 2012

Chris Hedges is suing Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Panetta

Cross Post from ILWQ   Yes.  The leadership of  Democratic and Republican Parties may be too gutless to stand up to Obama, but Chris Hedges is not.  Last Friday Attorneys Carl J. Mayer and Bruce I. Afran filed a complaint in the Southern U.S. District Court in New York City

16 Jan 2012

Now the 1% are telling us that being without is a good thing

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen While doing research for another piece, I went to the Forbes website and at the very top of the page I read the following quote from Bertrand Russell as I waited for the corporate advertisement to play out before I could see the content I had

15 Jan 2012

No, Mitt and members of Congress. It’s not envy many feel for you. It’s called rage.

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen Romney Claims the American People Are Envious of him. I was listening to the radio on my way home from the local Martin Luther King parade yesterday and I heard a clip from an interview with Romney where he said that it was envy of the

14 Jan 2012

Tomorrow, January 15, is Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Happy Birthday, Dr. King.

CrossPost from IfLizWereQueen   “I have a dream.” August 28, 1963 Thinking about Leaders   .    .    . With his upcoming birthday, I’ve been remembering Martin Luther King this morning.  Dr. King’s speech  was titled “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom”.  Over 200,000 attended that rally.  Now,

13 Jan 2012

Since the criteria is who can make the most money by dismantling Main Street, I propose Henry Kravis for President!

IfLizWereQueen cross post Yes, there is no doubt that Mitt Romney is the leader of the pack of the current candidates for President of our Nation when it comes to firing workers and trashing American companies, but that doesn’t make at least 200 members of the US Congress any less

13 Jan 2012

Let the spinning begin so the worst of the worst can win

IfLizWereQueen Crosspost “No information” is corporate owned media’s  sin of omission. Simply ignoring and not reporting news is also a propaganda technique that is often used by corporate sponsored mainstream media to influence public opinion.  In fact, ignoring situations is one of the techniques that has been taught to corporate

12 Jan 2012

Watch the full 28 minute King of Bain Capital ad while you can

Cross Post from If LizWereQueen Here is the Link. http://www.webcasts.com/kingofbain/ ___________________________________________________________ It is almost certain to be yanked within the next 24 to 48 hours because it is quite possibly the most  truthful dramatization of predator capitalism that has ever been produced. I hope that it does not escape the

11 Jan 2012

A moment of piety from the last Gilded Age: “Let us prey.”

Cross Post from IfLizWere Queen A Group of Vultures waiting for the storm to blow over: “Let us prey.” Thomas Nast- ___________________________________________________ Some say that “history repeats itself” and that today we are having a rebirth of the Gilded Age that America experienced at the turn of the 19th to

09 Jan 2012

What does a South Carolina Primary look like?

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen “. . .Not like a Sunday School!”  It is Nasty, Nasty and more Nasty South Carolina Republican primary voters in 2008 were overwhelmingly protestant, conservative and religious. Exit polls showed nearly two-thirds attended church at least once a week and seven in 10 believed abortion should

08 Jan 2012

We do have at least one Third Party Candidate for 2012–Jill Stein and also perhaps Ron Paul

Of course, if you want to still live in the past and talk about Florida in 2000 and how third parties “rob” votes from one of the two parties–it’s a free country:  go ahead and lament.  I’m sure that you’ll get plenty of support for your efforts from Obama and