10 May 2011

Understanding why people vote against their own best interests

Boarded up school in Atlanta Ohio–This is what Americans will get if they continue to follow plutocrat pied pipers like Betsy DeVos and David Koch Many of us marvel when outcomes of elections indicate that people have once again voted against what is verifiably in their best interests and we

09 May 2011

In response to Simpson’s rude behavior: Obama is Bud Abbot and Simpson is Lou Costello

It is outrageous that Obama hasn’t yanked Simpson’s a$$ off that committee, but he hasn’t because Obama is gaming the American people.  Obama is the one who appointed Simpson to this committee.  He knew what Simpson stood for when the appointed him. Obama’s strategy is to have this outrageous buffoon

09 May 2011

Propaganda pays off for those at the top of the heap

Three of the Top Five Highest Paid CEOs in the USA are Media Moguls Joann S. Lublin reported today in the Wall Street Journal that  CEO PAY JUMPED 11%. Yes by now, for most of us in this “jobless recovery”, such an announcement is in the “Ho-Hum Category–tell me something

09 May 2011

Speaking of Third Parties: there is the Islamic Political Party of America

GO HERE TO VIEW THEIR PARTY PLANK: The Islamic Political Party of America QUEEN’S COMMENTS: Interesting and certain to set off many Islamaphobic tirades. However, since I am a strong advocate of separation of church and state, I won’t be supporting this organization or any political parties of Christians should

08 May 2011

Democrat and Republican are not the only side-shows in town for 2012

There is the Green Party and its candidates. And, in the state of Texas, the Green Party Candidates will be on the Texas ballot in 2012.  If  you or a friend are interested in running for office, check them out. Green parties are growing stronger in European countries in the

07 May 2011

Do not allow the rich to dismantle public education! Take Action now!

Stop the DC Voucher Program in the Senate! As you may have heard, the House of Representatives has already passedtheir version of the DC voucher bill, HR 471, that would send taxpayer money to private and religious schools in the District of Columbia. Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) has sponsored the Senate version

06 May 2011

When will real change arrive? When America wakes up to the class war.

Frankly I don’t think it will arrive until the majority of Americans realize that there is little difference between a millionaire/billionaire Democrat and a millionaire/billionaire Republican and then put two-and-two together and realize that these people control BOTH parties. Ok, if you want to quibble that the Democrats hand out

03 May 2011

Eric Alterman makes a few choice remarks about the recent Time Magazine Party

Eric Alterman, among my favorite liberals, wrote a great piece discussing the special issue of Time Magazine in which it names the 100 most influential people in the world and then throws a party to celebrate how special it makes everybody feel to be part of it. *************************************************** Note from the Queen: