24 Jan 2012

Newt Gingrich is jumping on the Old Reagan Racist Bandwagon of Hate

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen An IlWQ Pie Hole Award for Newt Gingrich Shades of racist Ronald Reagan’s lies about his fake Black Welfare Queen! The Conservatives and all Americans who give a damn about human decency need to be reminded that Ronald Reagan’s Black Welfare Queen was no more real

23 Jan 2012

Questions for the bottom 77% to be asking Candidates in 2012

Crosspost from IfLizWereQueen You will notice that I have made a different dividing line from that of Occupy who have drawn a line in the sand between the 99% and the 1%.  I don’t believe it works out quite that way.  There is a buffer group in between the majority

22 Jan 2012

It was a knockout for Gingrich in SC but a long road paved with ironies from the past and present stretch before him.

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen Yep.  No doubt about it. Ole Gingrich won last night and he will make a formidable opponent for Obama.  Unlike Romney, who no doubt is intelligent and viscous, Gingrich is all that and more.  Gingrich is clever, thinks on his feet and likely writes most of

21 Jan 2012

Wall Street would do well to adopt one of the Rochdale Principles

IfLizWereQueen Cross Post   We need new and better business models!  AND perhaps even new and better business people. ______________________________________________________ Or perhaps we need older business models.  Did you ever hear of the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers? If you live in the USA (and are not an FDL member)–most

21 Jan 2012

Why Newt Gingrich is the Great White Hope for the Republicans

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen I’m not at all surprised by Gingrich’s rise in the polls.  The American People realize that it will take a bold, intelligent leader to make things better–someone who is willing to shake things up in a big way.  And at the moment, that’s more than either

20 Jan 2012

“Viscous Attack on the Press”? Stop whining John King. You all deserve that and more!

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen King, a pundit for the Corporate State doesn’t like being called on his stuff. I don’t like Gingrich, but my dislike of him is based on real issues of legislation that he pushed while he served in Congress–not whether he asked his wife for an open

18 Jan 2012

WOO HOO Bill McKibben and all you FDLers who marched in DC against the Pipeline

I have to say I started bawling when I just read that the Obama Administration anounced that it will not go forward with the Controversial Pipeline. In fact the tears of joy are still flowing. I know that efforts such as this took a lot of people–even my few puny

18 Jan 2012

Honduras–an example of Democrat and Republican Neo-Liberalism at Work

There are a lot of lessons that Honduras can provide regarding the neo-liberal trade agreements that BOTH the Democrat and the Republican leadership along with the White House support.  None of these trade agreements are for the 99% of the USA or  the 99% of any country. The USA has

17 Jan 2012

What are the consequences of allowing Corporations to regulate themselves?

IfLizWereQueen   Cross Post Another example of the “doubling-down head-banging logic”  is the nonsense that deregulation of corporations is what we need.  All you need to do is take a look at their current records and remember that this is their behavior even in the face of the half-assed regulations

17 Jan 2012

Republican Candidates don’t seem to notice they are standing on a Bridge to Nowhere

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen The Twisted Perspective from the Republican Podium Last Night The crowd of millionaire yahoos who were cheering them on at the debate last night didn’t seem to notice either  that they too were standing on a bridge to nowhere with the candidates–cheering them on as they