16 Nov 2011

Forget about Occupying Parks! Occupy Congress in 2012!

OCCUPY CONGRESS in 2012! Well, the elites have shown their true colors.  Chris Hedges wrote the best piece in reaction to  the goon squads taking over the OWS camps.  Here is a brief excerpt from it so you can see what I mean: “. . .The elites with their baton wielding cops

12 Nov 2011

Whatever happened to the Concept of “Conflict of Interests”?

Crosspost from IfLizWereQueen A Dallas Police Officer Moonlighting for Bank of America? What’s wrong with that picture? We have a Congress in Washington DC passing legislation that not only benefits their patrons who contribute to their campaigns, the legislation they pass benefits the elected officials’ own personal stock portfolios  and

11 Nov 2011

Where is the justice for those murdered by Wall Street?

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen Few realize the enormity of the crimes that our elected officials allow the evil crooks on Wall Street to continue to commit while they look the other way and pass legislation to fatten their own personal stock portfolios.  The number of murders resulting from both the

06 Nov 2011

Wall Street Addicts and their Congressional Counterparts will never change

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen Most politicians, like Michele Bachmann who yammer on and on about the USA having the highest corporate tax (35%) in the world, neglect to mention one critical detail that nullifies their complaint:  US corporations don’t pay 35% income tax.  Most of them don’t even pay half

02 Nov 2011

Cabbages and Kings–update on the G-20 Summit

Cross post from iflizwerequeen The UK Guardian reports that David Cameron will travel to Cannes for the G20 summit on Thursday urging EU members to act urgently to put more meat on the outlines of the deal agreed by the eurozone members last week. He is reluctant, of course, to

29 Oct 2011

Wall Street doesn’t just go after the 99%. It goes after municipalities too.

Cross post from IfLizWereQueen And among the biggest Judas Goats Assisting Wall Street in fleecing municipalities all over the USA are their trusting city officials, who prove to be willing marks for Wall Street Financial Carnies. City leaders are also often led down the path to financial debt and ruin

28 Oct 2011

Fundraiser featuring Michelle Obama at Mansion of Former Enron Executive Nov 1

Cross post from IfLizWereQueen Outrageous Insult to the 99%! If you were looking a reason to leave the Democratic Party, I think their leadership just provided you with it. Are they nuts? or do they just don’t give a damn what the 99% think? From the Houston Chronicle: “The First

27 Oct 2011

Orange County, CA politics and the Rohrabachers

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen No, that’s not his daughter.  That’s Rhonda, 64 year old Dana Rohrabacher’s 40 something wife and their triplets. Juanita Jean’s – the world’s most dangerous beauty salon had a great and hilarious post on Dana Rohrabacher, U.S. Congressman from Orange County CA who was once my

26 Oct 2011

Occupy Congress in 2013 as an insider from the 99%.

Cross post from IfLizWereQueen Only those who occupy these seats, truly occupy Washington. Make 2012 The Year of the Independents!  Bust up the Millionaires’ Club! It is good that we have the Occupy Movements all over the USA and the world and they need to continue their efforts because these groups

26 Oct 2011

USA State Department: “Libyan Model is not appropriate for Syria”

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman at a press conference  yesterday told us that the “Libyan model is not appropriate for Syria.”  It’s not OK for the USA and its allies to intervene in Syria even though Syrian protesters have been increasingly calling for international