12 Jan 2009

Memo to Obama: Here’s How to Do Healthcare Stimulus

Obama has asked critics of his stimulus bill to make suggestions about how to improve it. At FDL we’re going to do a number of posts on this topic, starting with health care.

08 Jan 2009

Why the Madoff Bailout Should Be Limited

It’s getting towards time to stop privatizing the profits and socializing the losses. If you lost more than a half million, ordinary Americans, most of whom don’t have anything like that type of cash on hand, shouldn’t be required to bail your butt out. Doing is just another case of reverse Robin Hood – take from the poor, give to the rich.

07 Jan 2009

Barack and the Blue Dogs in a Tree, With Entitlement “Reform”

Well, well, well. It seems that Obama is talking about “entitlement reform” and the Blue Dogs like what they’re hearing:

07 Jan 2009

The 3 Final Solutions to the Palestinian Problem

Let’s cut the BS on Palestine and Israel.

There are only 3 final solutions to the Palestinian problem:

1) Withdraw the settlers and give the Palestinians a state of their own which is viable.
2) Ethnic cleanse the Palestinians out of greater Israel.
3) Single state solution – give up on the religious ethnic state of Israel as a Jewish religious state, and let everyone have a vote.

06 Jan 2009

A Better Stimulus Bill

What could Obama have proposed?

05 Jan 2009

Obama’s #1 Priority Is Bipartisanship

What that should tell you is that what matters to Barack Obama most is not effective policy, it is not ends, it is consensus. Obama wants everyone to play nice together and wants everyone onside, and if that means he has to give away the farm, he will do so, because to him putting through an effective stimulus bill is less important than keeping Republicans happy and being able to say that his bill had “broad bipartisan support”.

05 Jan 2009

A Stimulus Bill with 40% in Tax Cuts Won’t Do the Job

So, the WSJ is reporting that part of the Obama “stimulus” plan is 310 billion dollars in tax cuts for businesses and individuals. If this is the plan, I’m going to predict right now that the stimulus won’t be sufficient. Some of the proposed tax cuts are relatively efficient, such as an increase to earned income credit.

04 Jan 2009

Economic Predictions Scorecard

I made a number of predictions for 2008. This is going to be a quick review of the main ones, though not all of them, to see how they did. Bold is succesful, italics is failed, regular text is a punt (ie. it hasn’t happened yet, but I still think it will)

02 Jan 2009

The Associated Press Translation Guide for Gaza

Let’s run through one article:

Israel is methodically targeting the Hamas domain, bombing government offices, security compounds, commanders, and even Hamas-linked clinics, mosques and money changers.

Translation: Israel is methodically killing doctors and nurses, destroying medical facilities, religious houses of worship and kill shop owners who happen to be Hamas members.

01 Jan 2009

Harry Reid’s Doing the Right Thing

Over the years, few people have been as harsh as I have to Harry Reid. But he’s not wrong, Senate Democrats are not wrong, to not want to seat a man so morally depraved that he would even consider accepting an appointment from a man who tried to sell that seat. If the law requires him to be seated, so be it, but that’s not settled till the courts rule on it, and there is nothing wrong with making them rule on it.