21 Jun 2010

Oily Apologies vs. Clean Energy Momentum

It is yet another big week for clean energy. The President is having a group of bipartisan senators over to discuss how to get a clean energy bill moving that addresses the source of the gulf spill. One guy who won’t be attending is Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) after he apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward for the “tragic” mistreatment his company has suffered.

17 Jun 2010

Our Senators, the Climate Bill, and Tying Your Shoes with One Hand

Last Thursday, the Senate voted 53 to 47 to defeat the Murkowski resolution that would have undermined the EPA’s ability to reduce global warming pollution. The vote provides a useful guide to how senators might act on a climate vote.

15 Jun 2010

Some House Republicans Have Gone Off the Deep End: Plan to Ask for Deepwater Drilling to Resume

In a few hours, the House Republicans will hold a press conference at the Capitol to call for an END TO THE MORATORIUM on deepwater drilling. 


Do they know that the oil from the Deepwater Horizon is still spewing? 

Do they know that no one seems to know how to make it stop?

08 Jun 2010

Who is the Worst Offender: The Climate Denier or The Complacent Staller?

This is a pivotal week in the clean energy debate. The Senate will vote on Murkowski’s short-sighted resolution to take away the EPA’s authority to regulate pollution. As we head into this critical time, it’s not the Inhofe-cloned climate deniers who trouble me – it’s the knowing bystanders who are keeping me up at night.

28 May 2010

Five Reasons Clean Energy Trumps Tea Party Slogans

Sometimes I think America is the proverbial child-star-gone-bad of nations: we have a crippling addiction, but we still won’t go to rehab.

24 May 2010

Obama or Bust: We Need Leadership from the Top

If you look at any of the 24X7 news shows or even the Today Show, you will see everyone proclaiming that there is an anti-incumbent mood spreading across America. There is good reason to say that as evidenced by the size of Tea Party rallies and even a few of the races last Tuesday. But, my personal opinion is that this is less about an anti-incumbent mood and more about a “pro-change” disposition. Voters are angry about the current state of blame and stall politics. They expect elected officials to keep their promises – and that extends to clean energy and climate legislation.

10 May 2010

National Tragedy Demands Real Response

Seven in ten say that it’s time to break our dangerous addiction to oil by fast-tracking clean energy legislation and by increasing our use of sustainable and renewable power and fuels

28 Apr 2010

Climate Change Cannot Wait

This country and the planet cannot afford to delay climate and clean energy legislation. It is that simple.

23 Apr 2010

Not Again: The Fringe Right Takes Aim At Climate Change Before Seeing the Bill

The far-right have launched a new operation to attack a yet-to-be- released climate change bill.

19 Apr 2010

Sarah Palin’s Right: You Should Run on Energy

Senators should pass a clean energy and climate bill this summer and head into the final campaign push with a real success in hand.