10 Dec 2010

Fighting to improve my mother’s air quality

[This post is written by NRDC Action Fund’s Director of Communications Matt Howes] Tuesday I went to Congress to meet with congressional staffers about protecting the air we breathe. And I wasn’t alone. A total of 284 national and state medical society and public health groups and other clean air

22 Nov 2010

Republicans for Science!

Friday’s Washington Post features a very important op-ed by NRDC Action Fund board member and former House Science Committee chairman Sherwood Boehlert, a Republican who represented New York’s 24th congressional district for over two decades before retiring in 2007. Surveying the incoming class of Republicans, Boehlert worries that a stance

05 Nov 2010

Congress Should Remember that Voters Want Strong Environmental Safeguards

[This post is written by NRDC Action Fund’s Peter Lehner, who is the Executive Director of NRDC] As Congress starts filling leadership positions and charting its new legislative agenda, there is something Members should keep in mind. NRDC Action Fund stands ready to work with anyone interested in creative ways

04 Nov 2010

It’s Not the Climate Bill, Stupid

Voters may disagree on a number of political issues but there is common ground to be found on the issue of clean energy – and elected leaders should take notice

03 Nov 2010

Silver Linings and Other Takeaways from the Election

Despite the anti-incumbent, frustrated mood of yesterday’s elections, there are some silver linings and some important messages for the months ahead. In California, voters overwhelmingly rejected Big Oil’s attempt to circumvent the most important climate law in the nation. This is an incredibly significant development. For the first time, VOTERS

25 Oct 2010

Minnesota Voters Think for Themselves

Campaign season typically invites all kinds of armchair commentary about what voters want, and this year is proving to be fertile ground for unsubstantiated theorizing which quickly becomes “conventional wisdom” – with or without evidence. Conventional wisdom may be comforting, but it doesn’t tell us much about the world as

21 Oct 2010

Virginians Want Clean Energy and Politicians Who Will Make it Happen

According to a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling and released this week by the NRDC Action Fund, voters across the country by a wide margin are more likely to vote for someone who supports clean energy legislation — Virginians are no exception.

07 Oct 2010

Tea Partiers: Be Careful What You Wish For

The Tea Party has no shortage of colorful rhetoric — from grizzly bears to painting every policy as a tax — but I can’t help but wonder how this attention-grabbing imagery would translate into governing policy.

24 Sep 2010

A Dirty Pledge

Originally posted on The MarkUp.

On Thursday, House Republicans issued their roadmap for the midterm elections and the next legislative session. It’s called the “Pledge to America,” but on energy issues, it sounds more like a pledge that makes powerful promises to the oil and gas industry.

22 Sep 2010

There Has Never Been a More Important Election to Get Active

Recently, the Wonk Room identified six Senate races and eight House races in which supporters of climate action are pitted against candidates who deny that climate change exists.