10 Feb 2012

Voters Want Obama’s Clean Energy Plan

Another major poll has confirmed that American voters across the political spectrum welcome clean energy development. It also found that when given the facts, the majority of Democrats and Independents oppose the Keystone XL pipeline for dirty tar sands oil. The support for clean energy isn’t news—many pollsters have determined

23 Jan 2012

Gingrich and Romney Offer the Same Tired Energy Policies

Newt Gingrich trounced Mitt Romney in South Carolina, ensuring that the race for the GOP nomination will likely continue for weeks to come. The Republican establishment may have settled on Romney, but voters keep throwing their support behind the anti-Romney — whichever candidate of the moment sounds as different from

05 Jan 2012

API’s Next Sham Campaign

Today the American Petroleum Institute launched its latest attack on our great nation with their “Vote 4 Energy” or “I vote” campaign. At the campaigns unveiling, API President Jack Gerard explained, “We are doing this because an electorate that is educated on energy issues will demand of all candidates, for

15 Dec 2011

Huntsman Must Change Strategies to Rise

Former Governor Huntsman has once again said he accepts the reality of climate change. He told ABC’s Christiane Amanpour on Sunday: “Let me make it crystal clear. I’m on the side of science in this debate.” He is now the only GOP candidate for the White House who stands by

08 Dec 2011

Huntsman Flirts with Climate Craziness, then Returns to Scientific Reality

Former Governor Jon Huntsman is suffering from a case of always-the-bridesmaid-never-the-bride syndrome. He has watched as nearly every other GOP presidential candidate has taken a spin with frontrunner Mitt Romney. First Tea Party darlings Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry had their chance to dance around the floor. Then Herman Cain

07 Dec 2011

Another Romney Flip Flop: More Pollution From Cars and Trucks

Another day, another flip flop. At Sunday’s Mike Huckabee-hosted presidential forum, Republican candidate Mitt Romney offered up yet another flip flop, this time on reducing global warming pollution from cars and trucks. He said that he would “get the EPA out of its effort to manage carbon dioxide emissions from

01 Dec 2011

The Race That Matters

If you’ve been following the cable news cycle, you’ve seen the latest sensational headlines about the Republican presidential contest: Newt’s surge, Romney’s stagnant poll numbers, Cain’s reassessment of his campaign. Amidst the news of the ups and downs of the horse race, you may be missing some of the most

16 Nov 2011

Can We Give “Job-Killing Regulations” a Rest?

Politicians love to go for the easy applause line and lately, in Washington, that has meant decrying “job-killing regulations.” Republican candidates for president have all gone for this crowd-pleaser. Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has promised to “tear down the vast edifice of regulations the Obama administration has imposed on the

10 Nov 2011

What Election Day 2011 Means for the Environment

This week’s election offered something America desperately needs right now: hope. I know there weren’t many marquee names on the ballot and I know the presidential primary season is getting more attention. But if you look closely at Tuesday’s results, you see a few clear lessons that we should all

02 Nov 2011

Cain’s Other Scandal

Herman Cain is having a moment. Thanks to his economics-by-mnemonics plan and his unconventional, smoke-filled ads, Cain recently shot to the top tier of the GOP campaign. He became what Ryan Lizza called the fringe frontrunner. But when you step to center stage, you realize just how glaring the spotlight