13 Apr 2010

What are Mark Warner and Jim Webb Waiting for

The clean energy bill is coming up soon and we need to let our Senators know how important it is to us.

29 Mar 2010

Will the Real Scott Brown Please Stand Up

With the health care debate largely over, now is the time to turn the heat up on our Senators to pass a strong clean energy and climate change bill.

26 Mar 2010

Next Up: A Climate Bill

Healthcare Reforms’ passage clears the way for the Senate to take up a climate bill and they are thankfully wasting no time.

22 Mar 2010

Everything is about to Change

Now that the health care bill is passing through to the Senate, there will be more time and pressure to cover an energy and climate bill

11 Mar 2010

5 Reasons the Climate Bill is Not Dead

The climate bill has enough support from businesses and political groups to stay alive.

03 Mar 2010

Why Young People Must Call Congress About Climate – Repeatedly

Anyone who wants to see on-the-ground changes has to translate their climate values into climate action.

26 Feb 2010

DC Hubbub and What it Means For the Climate Bill

The health care summit shows positive signs of hope for clean energy trends.

22 Feb 2010

Why Climate Change Deniers Should Still Support Green Energy

A clean energy and climate bill will disarm national security threat, protect our servicemen and women, and keep billions of dollars here in America.

12 Feb 2010

Bullies and Bystanders

No one said solving the biggest crisis of our time would be easy, but someone needs to stand up to the bullies.

26 Jan 2010

POTUS Speak Up

The state of the union is tomorrow, and I have a list of ideal messages that I’d like to hear him say.