23 May 2009

There are Reasons Alan Grayson Inspires Absolute Rage on the Part of Anti-American Right-Wingers

When we first endorsed him, no insiders thought he had even an outside chance to win the primary, let alone beat an entrenched, well-financed Republican incumbent. But almost immediately we realized that Alan was anything but a run of the mill Democrat. Tireless, brilliant, idealistic and down to earth, the more we got to know of Alan through the primary and general campaigns, the more we realized he could be a rare leader in Congress who could make an outsized difference.

16 May 2009

Blue America Welcomes Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, Candidate For U.S. Senate

There hasn’t been much of a spotlight focused on the Ohio Senate primary (May, 2010), except in Ohio– at least not yet. The Republicans have all but picked their candidate for the open seat, ex-lobbyist (for Oman and Haitian dictator Baby Doc Duvalier) and pre-Mean Jean Schmidt Congressman Rob Portman who went on to serve as Bush’s Trade Representative and then his director of OMB, two jobs at which he failed spectacularly, particularly for Ohio working families.

Today we’re going to start looking at the contest by meeting the more progressive of the two candidates, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.

09 May 2009

Marcy Winograd To Take On Jane Harman In CA-36 Again

Marcy, who is a kind of West Coast Donna Edwards, founded the Los Angeles chapter of Progressive Democrats of America and built a good solid base from which to start her race against Harman.

03 May 2009

Blue America Welcomes Back a Real Keystone State Democrat: Joe Sestak

Few people understand what Reid, Rendell, Biden, Casey and Obama think they’re getting by throwing the drowning Specter a political lifeline.

If Specter thinks he’s going to be the Democratic Party’s standard bearer in this race he should be forced to earn it– and he has a very long way to go to catch up with a man like Joe Sestak.

02 May 2009

Blue America Welcomes Virginia Delegate Margi Vanderhye

A couple months ago Jane called to give me some disturbing news. She warned me that it was heart of darkness time right near where she was living! One of the most reprehensible extremists any of us had ever run across, Barbara Comstock, is trying to get into elected office.

25 Apr 2009

Welcome Back Darcy Burner!

Far more than most of the candidates the netroots has gotten behind, Darcy Burner, who ran in 2006 and 2008 against Dave Reichert in WA-08 west of Seattle, became integrated into the online community. A few days ago I covered the entry on the 2010 candidate into that race, Suzan DelBene, an old colleague of Darcy’s from Microsoft.

18 Apr 2009

Blue America Welcomes Back Francine Busby (CA-50)

Francine Busby was one of the first candidates Blue America ever endorsed. 1,216 members of our community contributed $22,828 to her campaign to succeed Republican bribe taker Randy “Duke” Cunningham in 2006. She took 43% of the vote (to lobbyist Brian Bilbray’s 54%).

15 Apr 2009

The Future of Cuban-American Relations and the Impact on American Politics: A Discussion with Reese Erlich

Last Saturday Robert Farley from the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky hosted a Firedoglake Book Salon with Reese Erlich, who’s newest book, Dateline Havana: The Real Story of US Policy and the Future of Cuba. It was a fascinating session and I strongly urge you to read it over at the link above. Today, I want to talk with Reese not so much about the future of Cuba, but the future of the U.S., at least insofar as it is effected by our relationship with the island 90 miles off our southern coast.

11 Apr 2009

Blue America Welcomes Rep. David Zuckerman, Lead Author of Vermont’s Same Sex Marriage Bill

Both houses of the Vermont legislature overrode the veto of Republican governor Jim Douglas and that state became the 4th state to pass a same sex marriage bill. Today let’s spend some time getting to know one of the legislators behind that hard-fought victory–that most people said was impossible–Representative David Zuckerman, a member of Vermont’s Progressive Party.

04 Apr 2009

Making Sense of Chris Van Hollen’s Criticism of Progressive Activists Fighting for Obama’s Agenda

We invited DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen over to FDL today to talk about Wednesday’s incendiary Politico piece by Alex Isenstadt. In what Van Hollen’s office claims were out of context remarks, Isenstadt seems to have framed Van Hollen as “calling on liberal groups to back off in their efforts to target moderate Democrats who have been skeptical of President Barack Obama’s ambitious budget.” Van Hollen couldn’t make our chat today but his office claimed a NY Times report on the same day by Kate Phillips more accurately– less Drudgily– described what the chairman was saying.