19 Sep 2012

A higher corporate tax rate isn’t needed…

… what is needed is elimination of the corporate deductible expenses shell game.  In 2010, gross business receipts totaled $10.3 trillion dollars (that’s over 70% of GDP that year), but corporate taxes amounted to just 1.3% of GDP.  That amounts to an average tax rate of about 1.8% of gross revenue (even

14 May 2012

The End of Innovation

One of the unquestioned truisms espoused by both the right and the left is that America’s future is dependent on continuing the rapid technological and scientific advancement of the last two centuries, ad infinitum.  Obama used the word “innovation” 11 times in his state of the Union address. Over and over again

28 Feb 2012

Obama on Keystone: “Let me be perfectly clear: No… I mean Yes, um got it?”

Now that Keystone has exploited a loophole and laid plans to build only the part of the XL pipeline that doesn’t cross international borders, one would think that Obama would smack the little up-starts down for not getting the message the first time. But no, he comes out with a

01 Aug 2011

Where’s Pelosi?

Nancy Pelosi has been uncharacteristically quiet since the debt compromise was announced this weekend. Her instructions to the Democratic caucus: “leave it to our individual consciences”. When asked if the bill would pass she just said “you’d have to ask the speaker”, and today: “I look forward to reviewing the legislation with my caucus

25 Jul 2011

Simple Solution: Outlaw Moody’s

You could be forgiven for concluding that Moody’s, S&P and Fitch are some kind of global meta-oligarchy given the unbridled obsequiousness emanating from the body politic, the talking heads, and the daily smear. It’s about the only thing they can all agree on. Why all the deference? Because the sky

11 Apr 2011

So long, and thanks for all the fish

The deficit train has finally rounded the bend and is now charging directly at us in all its glory – and it is a fearsome sight.  All the time while we idly debated the most recent affront to our political sensibilities, the train was gathering steam. Sure, we heard it

01 Mar 2011

*Way* Too Big To Fail

The recent GAO report listing duplicity and waste in the U.S. government has both sides of the aisle scrambling over each other to take credit for reducing the deficit and eliminating waste, but maybe we shouldn’t be so hasty to act. The U.S. has recently been running massive deficits: $1.4T,

21 Feb 2011

Rebellion in Wisconsin

This has been quite a week for disciples of liberty.  Apparently, people everywhere have an innate need to have their voices heard. With historic events unfolding by the minute in the Middle East, one would think that the last group to foment a national insurrection would be third grade teachers from Wisconsin. But you’d be wrong.