22 Aug 2010

Shout at the (LGBT) Devil (not the Mötley Crüe album)

Remember these ladies at the NOM rally in Washington, DC? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IraXzRHVtsg They needed to do that, to stand against what they believe is evil.  They needed to tell their 'truth'. I suspect that at first it was a cathartic experience to stand up to homosexuality while the camera was rolling.

30 Jan 2010

How to show The gAyTM is STILL closed…

Recently, I received a letter from Bill Clinton – Democratic Headquarters The URL is: http://www.dscc.org/ And there was a blue Business Reply Mail envelope.  More on that, after the jump… The letter from “Bill” begins, “Dear Friend”, and goes on to list all the nasty Republican lies they need my

25 Jan 2010

I want to outlaw the phrase “Vast Majority”

How much is a 'vast majority'?  It's meant to sound like 99 out of 100 people. But really, it's a lie — like using the word 'effective' to imply 'efficient'. How much is 'vast majority'?  is 50%+1 enough to be 'vast'? How many groups can be excluded and still call

25 Jan 2010

Will Prop 8 trial help trans folks?

I've developed an addiction to following the Prop 8 trial as it unfolds. Nevermind the Prop 8 supporters getting a BIG assist from SCOTUS in keeping actual testimony away from all but the few of the public who are in San Francisco and who can make it to the overflow

18 Jan 2010

Is same-sex marriage the key to everything else?

Last night I was on the phone with an old friend from high school. Now, I've educated him about trans issues, and he pretty much understands the differences between transgenders and gays/lesbians/bisexuals/intersex/queer/questioning/etc.  So, he gets it pretty good for a straight cisgendered person. I'd told him about the topic over