03 Dec 2007

Chrisrtians in Iraq worse off now.

  I saw this on 60 minutes and had mixed emotions. I have held the belief that the war in Iraq has been a Holy war started by President Bush and his Christian followers.  Now which Christians are we to believe?  Was Saddam as bad as we were told by

23 Oct 2007

City of Aurora CO, Pat Bennett might become 1st Transwoman on City Council

  I believe she has a shot at winning. Welcome to Pam Bennett for Aurora City Council   I am running for Aurora City Council because I want to help Aurora achieve its full potential as a world class city. I have a very diverse background and can bring many

24 Sep 2007

My feelings on Jena 6.

My feelings on Jena 6.   I am one of those that didn’t hear much about it as I am busy, last two months relocating to another state, and before that, dealing with courts and my ex-wife.   When I did hear of the Jena six, my first thought was

15 Sep 2007

Oregon hate group running out of gas,

It seems like the put “the anti-gsy rights” on the ballot is many signatures short in Oregon. The rhetoric is heating up as the countdown begins on a signature drive to put two gay-rights measures before voters.   With less than two weeks to go before a Sept. 26 deadline,

23 Aug 2007

Life after relocation as a transwoman,

I first want to thank Pam and Kate, As Pam puts on this site very interesting articals, and Kate staying with Pam.  A Match made for life right there.    I have gotten replies to my comments, some serious, some lacking taste, as some requesting me to replace keyboards, and

17 Jun 2007

Poll data, Some interesting numbers.

I read a response wondering about poll numbers, so I did some surfing and stumbled across this site and thought I would share it. http://www.pollingre…   I found alot of the different polls quite interesting.   I also wondered as I have read here that I am not the only

05 Jun 2007

Pro-Homosexual Funding Nails Home Depot

  CWA has this to say, http://www.cwfa.org/…   I pssed this on, as I don’t have time to add to this today

02 Jun 2007

Marine Vet Faces Hearing Over Protest

It seems like our soldies are speaking up, and they don’t like this war either.   KANSAS CITY, Mo. ?  An Iraq war veteran could lose his honorable discharge status after being photographed wearing fatigues at an anti-war protest.   Marine Cpl. Adam Kokesh and other veterans marked the fourth

27 May 2007

Ala.: Anti-Abortion, Gay Rights “Terror”

  State’s Homeland Security Web Site Classified “Single Issue Extremists” As Terror Threats   The site indicated that these “radical elements” are found in many of the following movements: Environmentalists Anti-Genetics (those opposed to genetically-altered crops) Animal Rights Anti-Abortion Anti-Nuclear Anti-War Pro-Gay Rights

18 May 2007

How much trash is in the ocean

buy our war ships.  Not Much, not much at all. 44 pallets of Aircraft soap went ove the side into the ocean, 9 barrels per pallet.  along with hydrolic oil.  Yes I was part og seeing medical waste going over also. along with the trash it too.  I will tell