20 Mar 2008

An Invite to Peter LeBarbera

  Hi Pam, Hi Peter,  Hi all of Pam’s House Blend Readers, and Hi to all of those from AFTAH(Peter LeBarbera’s website)  The one thing I ask is that all sides keep negative comments to themselves.  I ask for an open mind PLEASE.  An open mind is the best way

11 Mar 2008

Court Ordered to Lie to My Children

Yes, you heard that right.  I can’t tell my kids the truth.  Kids, I am going to Disney world!!!, Forget buying a house, for get our dreams kids,  you all will be stuck here while I go to disnay world.  Going on a $2,000 cruiseline and plan to party to

13 Feb 2008

Clinton vs Clinton Argueing

  We know it is happening, the question is where? Bill has his teams ready to ride, but what message we he send when he rides into town?  Has Bill been put in the way back seat?  IMHO where he belongs.  An Email I just got,  ‘Feminists want Bill out

26 Jan 2008

What is a polical arm?

As I read this The Focus Action Web site, citizenlink.org, averages about 250,000 visits a month, and is the political arm of James Dobson’s Focus on the Family based in Colorado Springs, Colo. Dobson draws a radio audience in the millions and candidates compete for his support. I thought they

11 Jan 2008

An eye opening experience,

I know I will on every- so- often stereotype people.  and I find it has been dead wrong.  The topic of Debra Lafave, the teacher that had sex with a thirteen year old boy. We all(guys and gals) in a group of 16 to 18 people agreed she shouldn’t go

06 Jan 2008

Am I acting to young?

  I know it is primary season, and I do pay attention to the news.  But something strange to me happened. I was told to turn my music down   Now I wasn’t sitting in the driveway next to other peoples homes. No, I wasn’t even in the parking lot

01 Jan 2008

Helping those that are suicidale.

Maybe a new postopic here on PHB For the new year, I would like to have a croner,  Sucide watch group that we can reach.    A beginning thoubn.  Need help to put ones here, I have a way of talking onee on one  Just a thought.  I will help

21 Dec 2007

Another round of BS in my divorce,

Yeas, another transsevual being frauduently attacked in the Seminole County Courts.  The same charge for basically the same reason.   I am a transwoman, I have two of the greatest kids I could have.  Although my divorce has been over for a year and a half, it is not over,

11 Dec 2007

Sharing an E mail from Family

I got this today from my Aunt and Uncle who support me wonderfully, as thay also support LGBT rights. To Be a Republican… To be a Republican you need to believe: 1. Jesus loves you, and shares your hatred of Homosexuals and Hillary Clinton. 2. Saddam was a good guy

06 Dec 2007

An open invitation to Peter LaBarbera

(NOTE FROM PAM: Peter LaBarbera was on Hannity and Colmes and showed his “research” into the fetish activities at the Folsom Street Fair. I am inserting the video into Happy Cat’s diary. Also, you have to surf over to Joe Murray’s pad to read his take on The Peter’s Faux