10 Jul 2008

If you don’t think the Fundies are in a panic,

  The Fundies are freaking out. The younger Fundies are not buying the older Fundies garbage.  From a different comment thread I posted, Since when did Fundies listen to younger people? (4.00 / 1)  The older Fundies are the know-it-alls.  The older fundies are the ones that teach the younger

10 Jul 2008

The ‘Will of the People’

  I get so tired of hearing the ‘Will of the People’ when the Fundies and anti-gay marriage crowd yelps.  I agree with the arguement that if civil rights for African-Americans were left up to the ‘Will of the People’ we would have a worse race problem in this country

29 Jun 2008

HappyCats Plans

Written to Equality Florida (note, the one I send will have my real name and address)   Hello, my Name is HappyCat,  I have been fighting my ex-wife in court in District 18 in Seminole County.  Up until now it has been all family court.  My ex-wife has been lying

19 Jun 2008

The Ball is in My Court

 As the regulars here at Pams know I have been deal with an ex-wife for three years in the Folrida courts.  For those that dont know, I am a post-op MtF that had hr GRS during my divorce and also have custody of my two daughters, 12 and 16.  Tonight

17 Jun 2008

They are losing it BIG TIME

  Quick, Hurry, post what might be your last comments as the sky in the United States is going to quickly fail. California is destroying the family, and the United States is on the verge of a self-inflicted spiritual holocaust  Earth to the Peter, Marriage Equality has been legal in

30 May 2008

$900.00 rebate check, big questions I need help with

  I am giving $150.00 to each of my children, so thay leaves $600.00 to donate to groups in California.  I know I am sending Pam’s House Blend $50.00. But I need the oppinions from others where to send the rest.   thank you for your support.  If you recommend

10 Apr 2008

The Welding Rod

  OK, get your mind out of the gutter, or don’t it is up to you when you hear welding rod  If the religious right would use a bit of thier common sense they would work feveriously at getting rid of welding using their logic.    Everything is nuts and

06 Apr 2008

Wasted time for what?

Some much anti-LBGT crap out there, a nd glimmers of a positive.  But the whole message of the LGBT is low on the totem pole.  Yeah we have between now and Penn to place Clinton in her place?  White House or Senate. This makes a bit of sense with Teddy

03 Apr 2008

I am Voting for McCain now.

  YES, that is correct, a McCain vote from me.  NO, he did not win my support, the Democrats lost mine. That is correct, They Lost It  Call it a suicide vote, that’s fine, atleast I know how I will be discriminated against.  The Democratic Candidates have throw enough crap

23 Mar 2008

Do you Christians know who we are?

  I ask you honestly.  Do you know what we contribute to society?  We, the Family of the LGBT are every where.  Yeppers, everyplace in your life that you never think of and I will let you know.  So pay attention so you can try to avoid us as you