18 Sep 2008

McCain/Palin, Who is going to repay the National 9,600,000,000,000 Plus Debt?

  The Iraq war is well over Trillion Dollars.  AIG was just bailed out with tax dollars of Eighty Five Billion.  Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac cost Two Hundred Billion.  That is a bunch of Debt.  I am in debt by $30,000 (Divorce related) and working like crazy to pay

10 Sep 2008

I call Bull Sh!t on McCain/Palin playing the Sexist card.

  McCain/Palin invited this garbage from the get go, many of the supporters were wearing this campaign button that says, ‘COLDEST STATE, HOTTEST GOV. PALIN FOR V.P,’  I don’t know how to get the pic on the page, so Pam if you can, thank you. Enough of this Lipstick crap.

06 Sep 2008

I Hope All You Anti-Same-Sex Marriage Crusaders Realize The Pain You Cause.

As many of the Blenders know, I survived many attempts at Suicide.  And when I read articles regarding Suicide they bring me to tears.  I know the feeling of wanting to end it all. Every suicide is tragic and it affects so many people.  But when it is a LGBT

26 Aug 2008

Michelle Obama’s speech, my take,

  I have heard over the years when candidates spouses give speeches.  I have never seen a speech given like Michelle’s.  It came from the heart and was delivered that way.  No twisted words, no attempts to shadow or side step anything.    I have tears in my eyes after

14 Aug 2008

If You Don’t Think the Anti-LGBT Groups Are Losing It. Just Read,

  For starters, the Focus on the Anus group has lowered itself to praying for heavy rains at Investco Field during Democratic National Convention..  Pretty pathetic indeed.  But one of my favorite showings was Elaine Donnelly and her sidekick Staff Sergeant Eric Alva. The show they put on during the

12 Aug 2008

Why doesn’t Bush want veterans voting?

  UPDATE This will make your blood boil, U.S. spending on contractors in Iraq to top $100 billion.  More at the bottom of the fold.  We constantly hear that the Republicans are the party that supports the troops.  But when I was surfing and read this at Crooks and Liars

05 Aug 2008

The Elaine Donnelly Testimony Video

This video is all one needs to see to know how kookkoo these people are. (if someone could post how to get the youtube video screen to show up in the post instead of a link to youtube, I will thank you.)  If you listen to the whole speech by

04 Aug 2008

Taser Victim, 16 year old with broken back, tased 19 times

  I was just surfing and saw this on rawstory I am no fan of tasers to begin with,  But this just truly makes me cringe, Doctors believe 16-year-old Mace Hutchinson broke his back and heel after falling, as his injuries are consistent with such a fall. The boy’s family

22 Jul 2008

Who are the youth going to trust?

  There is so much going on these days it becomes difficult for adults to make head or tail of who is telling the truth.  Most people don’t have the time to do a small bit of research on their own to form an educated oppinion. While reading the comments

15 Jul 2008

Filling out forms for my Daughters to enroll in school

  It was a trying day filling out all these forms. (for those that don’t know I am a post-op MtF and have custody of my two beautiful daughters ages 12 and 16) and here is why.   1st they require a birth certificate, social security card, divorce decre stating