10 Oct 2008

OOPS, somebody left the mics on

  Hear how a few Republicans feel,  OOPS, And who can we trust, McCain or McCain, you decide,  Ok, I admit, I am too confused, maybe this will help,  Now I am truly confused, I thought McCain was going to tell me why to vote for McCain. More below the

07 Oct 2008

HappyCat’s Animals and tonight’s debate Judges.

 Update Pets vote is a 6, 3 cats, 3 dogs, all on left. I thought I would introduce to everyone my best friends.  They have been taking part in judging the debates.  They rate them from 0 to 7.  If all seven are on my bed than it rates a

05 Oct 2008

So Sarah Palin Reads the NYT.

  Interesting that we have now found out Sarah Palin reads the NYT.  She was in California and attacked Barack Obama, Vowing to “take the gloves off,” GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin unleashed an aggressive new attack against Democrat Barack Obama on Saturday, charging at her first public rally

05 Oct 2008

60 Seat Democratic Majority in the Senate?

60 seat Democratic majority in the senate with Barack Obama in the White House would be a dream come true for most of us.  This might be part of the reason McCain decided to give up in Michigan, there isn’t a senate seat there up for grabs.  But here is

03 Oct 2008

I’m a victim of the Bush Economy now.

Update #3 Thank you for the front page. I love you too. I might not be alone being out of a job, Marilyn Musgrave Trailing in Polls. A poll published Aug. 28 by SurveyUSA found that 50 percent of respondents favored Markey while 43 percent favored Musgrave.  Granted my job

02 Oct 2008

Jim Burroway on OutQ in the Morning,

  I just thought I would share this here as I like The Box Turtle Bulletin that he will be there. Jim will appear on Sirius Satelite radio’s OutQ 109 tomorrow morning with Larry Flick to talk about Arizona’s campaign to defeat Prop 102. You may recall, Arizona became the

29 Sep 2008

John, better to suspend your campaign again, threaten to postpone the VP debate.

  The Asian Markets are not dropping this morning and that leads to a precurser to what the US markets will do.  My soon to be Senator Mark Udall(D), who is currently in the House of Representatives said on Meet the Press he has gotten two messages from his supporters,

28 Sep 2008

Seriously, Can Palin be ready for thursday’s VP Debate?

Srat out with SNL skit of Palin and Hillary. And here is Palin on Russia with Katie Coujric More after the jump,

24 Sep 2008

No Check at all for Wall Street.

UPDATE 9:45 AM MT TIME  Warren Buffet steps up to the plate to invest 5 billion into Goldman Sachs Group.  More will follow if there is no haste by the government to cut the blank check.  That is my own opinion.  I have heard how fast we have to do

20 Sep 2008

A ten minute response that was needed.

  I do have friends that are one the right and some know not to try to convert me.  There are many times I will avoid political talk as it has turned into heated arguments, especially when beers and booze is involved.  But the other day I received this piece