09 Nov 2008

The Protests Need to Keep Happening,,,

 Pam, Delete this for some reason posted twice.  

07 Nov 2008

My Family Fought for my Enemy,

  Well a majority of my enemies, 70% in California and a vast majority in Florida.  Both my parents fought for civil rights for people of color in the 60s.  They couldn’t believe that in my teens I was a member of the KKK in Florida.  As a white kid

04 Nov 2008

Towleroad has a great Hate 8 enrty up,

surf over to Towleroad Box Turtle Bulletine has a post of good news,  Hate 8  NO 50% to yes 47% Good Luck today and Tonight.  I am hoping that the Hate Amendments fail, Obama has a land slide, 60 seat Democratic Senate, and a much fuller House.

26 Oct 2008

Joe Biden vs Barbara West interview

 I was just surfing like I do and ran across a link to this interview.  Barbara West is some twink from WFTV channel 9 in Orlando Florida.  Wait until you hear the questions she asks.  Got to Love Joe Biden and how he handled this.  And if you are interested

25 Oct 2008

Who are the terrorists?

  All this talk about William (Bill) Ayers being a Domestic Terrorist is driving me crazy.  The weathermen were an anti-war group who went crossed the line IMO when they started destroying personal and public property.  But with all the bombings they did they only Killed Three People, and who

24 Oct 2008

Has anyone on the McCain/Palin Campaign wished Obama’s Grandma Prayers or Best Wishes?

  Since the announcement of Senator Obama to go see his sick Grandmother, has anyone seen or heard of the McCain Camp sending prayers or wishing him well?  I have watched Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC and I haven’t.  I might have missed it, but one would think

20 Oct 2008

Damn, I can’t find one

  I keep hearing on the news when they are discussing the crowds at Obama and McCain rallies.  The right keeps saying that there is hate speech coming from Obama supporters towards McCain/Palin.  I have searched and searched for a youtube video and can’t find one.  I did find a

19 Oct 2008

$438,346.57 in 24 hours to toss Michele Bachmann out of Congress.

  $438,346.57 is the amout that has flooded in for El Tinklenberg so far after Michele Bachmann shot her mouth off on Hardball Friday night.  According to polls taken before this, the race for CD 6 in MN was tight and El Tinklenberg was way behind on cash, about 3

17 Oct 2008

The Peter is Mad, No Gay in Presidential Debates and LCRs

  Well the Peter is back at it, banging his bible and his keyboard.  I think he is the only one on the right who didn’t  give a damn about William Ayers. But he seems deeply depressed about not seeing McCain and Obama debate Same-Sex Marriage.  But that is not

11 Oct 2008

Is McCain going to drag Michelle Obama into the smear campaign next?

We all know how low this sliming of Obama has been when it comes to the Bill Ayers garbage.  And it is not working and most people are getting turned off by it.  But during my late night surfing, I ran across this at TPM, McCain Campaign Now Attacks Michelle