26 Feb 2009

Regarding State Senator Scott Renfroe,

Update 2:15 Friday, Feb 27, Still nothing from his office. Latest E-mail to his office below the fold. Update 6:00pm mt and nothing. I will try again tomorrow. I am sure many here have read about Colorado State Senator Scott Renfroe here.  In an earlier article I posted a copy

07 Dec 2008

The Parent(s) Kids Can Talk To.

  Do you remember growing up there were parent(s) that kids could talk to and relate with and then there were those that you could not?  My mom and dad thought they were but they just were not.  When it came to issues like smoking cigarette, drinking booze, smoking pot

03 Dec 2008

A quarter a day.

  Knowing that there will be more legal fight coming in the future to gain equal rights.  Most of last year I was employed, earned a decent paycheck and was able to donate money to No on 8 and Mark Udall’s campaign. I don’t consider any of that money wasted

28 Nov 2008

Meet our Families Day.

 This is just a thought.  We had our neighbors and a few friends here yesterday for Thanksgiving.  My youngest daughter who went with me to the Nov. 15th protest here in Denver got her computer to show pictures of us that we have found on the internet holdong our signs,

22 Nov 2008

Louder and Prouder

 Let’s do it again. Another protest march on December 6, 2008.  Do you think your area would be up for it?  I know I have read alot about the turn out on the 15th of November,  We need to keep up the energy.

21 Nov 2008

It’s the Economy, Supply, Demand and Afford.

  The latter is what is missing these days of bailout after bailout.  The housing market has been in the crapper for quite some time.  This didn’t happen overnight. Banks say they don’t want to foreclose on houses, Bullshit. They know that property isn’t being made anymore.  They know that

15 Nov 2008

A Blender Poll

  I surfed over to 365gay and they have a poll of how many took part in a protest event today.  Results so far, Yes (55%, 62 Votes) No (45%, 50 Votes) Total Voters: 112,  In away it seems shocking to me.  But then again I have only been out

14 Nov 2008

Barbara Walters Tonight on 20/20

  Transgender issues.  Join 20/20’s Barbara Walters as she talks with Gender Spectrum’s co-founder Stephanie Brill in an upcoming special featuring transgender families.  Brill explores with Walters the many pathways transgender people pursue to arrive at parenthood.  Some of the topics they will discuss include transgendered people’s rights to preserve

12 Nov 2008

Time to beat the womb control freaks at their own game.

  There is a new group of Womb Control Freaks called PersonhoodUSA  They want to go to states that have constitutions that can be amended easily.  Well, lets beat them at their own game. Time to amend some constitutions. The amendments should read something like this, Any finacial supporter of

11 Nov 2008

HRC is out of touch…SPA NIGHT?

  Box Turtle Bulletin has this up, HRC’s Self-Parody.  Many have been saying, especially those who are the T of LGBT that HRC shouldn’t be trusted.  Now they have done great work when it comes to working with companies and businesses when it comes to the LGBT community. So I