06 Apr 2009

Proof that civics needs to be taught again.

  The Iowa Supreme Court Decision has got the Fundies’ undies all in a twist.  But wait, they are not just judges, but get this, Iowa’s Supremacist Judges Overturn State Law and Okay Gay Marriage.  Yes, this bit of news is from a press release from Eagle Forum. Basically another

04 Apr 2009

Marriage is for Procreation?

  Last week listening to the debate on Marriage Equality, I heard some of the lamest reasons to oppose Marriage Equality.  I have yet to see any transcripts of the testimony given so I am going from memory as I listened to 90% of the Debate.  The point of this

29 Mar 2009

Where are the Protests?

  How often when a state, city or county decides to pass laws ending discrimination against Gays, Lesbians, Bi-sexuals and Transgenders do we hear the opponents scream they will lose their religious freedoms? Below is a list of states that ban discrimination.  Source, Gay and Lesbian Task Force States banning

28 Mar 2009

The Peter is Jacking Off, CWA freaking out.

  First to CWA. Did you know that April 15 is Same-Sex Kiss Day.  I didn’t, but as I visit the nutjobs websites, I found out.  Now the Concerned women have done a total spin saying Starbucks coffee is behind this, Same-Sex Kiss Day Held at Starbucks Nationwide    

26 Mar 2009

A big fight brewing in the GOP over LGBT.

 While we all know the Republican party is broken there seems to be a big disagreement about having LGBTs part of the GOP.  We all know that the Religious Reich is the remaining base and they do not want the Log Cabin Republicans part of the Republican Party.  We know

19 Mar 2009

The Flier from mAssResistance, Edited.

This is an original copy from mAssResistance.  I changed homosexual with inter-racial or mixed race.  It is scary that this would be real not to long ago.  Amazing the religious idiots don’t know how bigoted they are. It is below the fold.

14 Mar 2009

Are You a Tushy Girl? If so, The Peter Doesn’t Like You Either.

As I posted last week, The Peter is running out of ideas, and I was not the only one to point that out. Jeremy over at Good As You noticed that The Peter was running low on Ideas  Well atleast the Peter does admit that heterosexuals also engage in Anal

09 Mar 2009

The Peter is Running out of Ideas

Every so often, I go and visit the Right Wing and Religious Reich sites.  They do post some funny stuff time to time between all their doom and gloom.  Although I really didn’t find much there, The Peter has up the Urban Dictionary and the definition of Power Bottom. He

07 Mar 2009

The Right to Life and Live

  I have read the amount of money that was spent just on prop H8. Some estimate 80 million dollars.  All over the right to marry the one you truly love.  The amount of time that both sides have put into the fight for and against LGBT rights.  This is

06 Mar 2009

NCLR feels the same as I do.

 This just landed in my inbox; A Note on the Day After 03.06.09 I know how you feel today. I have felt it too. Anger, despair, disappointment, sadness, grief, shock…. We’ve been wrung through the gamut of emotions these past many months-and even years-and yesterday was no exception. I think