16 May 2007

Fear of another 9/11, all the GOP has

  Watching the debate, I was hoping for something to laugh at. and the big laugh that was had was about Edwards hair compairing it to spending.  Yes MaCain did go to the drunken sailor, but does he know that the military started to get rid of that image in

13 May 2007

My Daughter’s Home Work

Please keep the language clean, but be honest.   I am posting this here for my daughter as she has her final current events do next Thursday. Her and I get along great, but her teacher doesn’t like her going to class with GLBT issues, But I am the parent

05 May 2007

Bush plans veto on imported drugs

  We here at Pam’s HB got worried when Russ posted Bush already vetoed the Hate Crimes Bill, and we forgive him.  but he was right that Bush is warming up his “VETO” pen.   Those of us that require prescription drugs know we pay way too much, as the

04 May 2007

Susan Stanton may be hired a few miles away

  She was fired from the City of Largo for having to announce that she is transgendered. but on May 29, she may be hired based on job performance in Sarasota.   http://www.orlandose…   I know here in Flroida she had the support from many GLBT orginizations. 

04 May 2007

Fear-inspired bigots threaten success of GLBT organization float

  It is the 1st time the GLBT community is allowed to take part in the Blossomtime Parade in St. Joseph & Benton Harbor, Michigan.   Something to celebrate I think.   Despite the fact that the float itself is a generic expression of patriotism featuring an American flag, anti-GLBT

25 Apr 2007

Non-Answer does exsist.

  non·an·swer although it is in between alot of other (non)s WARNING, VIEWING THE LINK BELOW MAY STRAIN YOUR EYES!  JUST ARROW DOWN TO #3 http://www.m-w.com/d…   The one that is missing, “non-lies”  So I guess that will be defined as the TRUTH.  

18 Apr 2007

Reason for relocating, need camera in the cout

here,  I am sharing this to get replies,  and welcome all replies from all, I am TG, and this has been the hardest fight in my life.  spent over $130,000. on Lawyers,enough to make any one sick,  a bunch of money inclding a complete restored 1970 CUDA 340   Every

14 Apr 2007

CNN Special,What is a CHRISTIAN: Sex and Salvation

Did anyone watch this program?  It contained good points on the fact that gays and lesbians can’t be “cured”. but showed a few of the ex-gay-for-pay nuts to show they work. but when asked how high is the suscess, no answer. then one other high point came disscussion of abortion,