27 Apr 2010

In Forced Arbitration Case, Justice Scalia Apparently Thinks We’re All Just Stupid

Every single one of us has likely signed a forced arbitration agreement giving up the right to sue in court. Yet rather than seeking to protect us from corporate abuse, however, Justice Scalia apparently thinks we’re just “stupid.”

11 Jan 2010

Why Courts Matter — A 2010 Lesson for Progressives

The Court is on the verge of striking down all restrictions on corporate financing of elections, a decision that could set back the progressive agenda for generations. Progressives need to start paying attention to the courts.

11 Dec 2009

“Corporate Personhood”: An Oxymoron All Progressives Should Know About

Constitutional Accountability Center(along with Stephen Colbert) brings you everything you need to know about the legal fiction of “corporate personhood,” which the Supreme Court is currently evaluating.

06 Nov 2009

Rasmussen Asks A(nother) Very Dumb Question

Rasmussen asks respondents to chose between judges who follow the Constitution, and judges who are “guided by a sense of fairness and justice.” Apparently Rasmussen doesn’t realize the Constitution itself is based on both fairness and justice.

17 Sep 2009

On Constitution Day, Celebrate the Rights of People. (Not Corporations.)

Each year on September 17, our Nation celebrates Constitution & Citizenship Day, established by Congress to commemorate both the signing of our founding document and the millions of individuals who have become Americans over the past two hundred years.

08 Sep 2009

Supreme Court Threatens to Undo Progressives’ Work on Campaign Finance

The Supreme Court is threatening to strike down a century’s worth of progress in campaign finance regulation, hearing a case tomorrow that challenges the constitutionality of barring corporations from making unlimited expenditures in elections.

18 Jun 2009

Leahy: Striking Down the Voting Rights Act Would Be “Conservative Activism Pure and Simple”

Sen. Leahy gave a speech this week discussing the Supreme Court, the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, and this Term’s most important case — challenging the constitutionality of a key provision in the Voting Rights Act.

13 Apr 2009

The D.C. Council Stuck to the Constitution When it Recognized Same-Sex Marriages

When forming the “United” States, the Framers fully expected states to recognize and uphold one another’s laws. So there’s nothing “unconstitutional” about D.C.’s decision last week to recognize same-sex marriages from other states.

06 Apr 2009

The Iowa Supreme Court Justices Did Their Job on Friday. Now, They Are Apparently “Judicial Activists”

Last week’s decision by the Iowa Supreme Court to strike down a same-sex marriage ban for violating the state constitution, was not — despite predictable right-wing allegations to the contrary — “judicial activism.” When judges determine whether laws are unconstitutional, we call that “doing their job.”

24 Feb 2009

Before the Judicial Noms Battle, We Must Win the Framing War

Conservatives have spent much of the last eight years viciously attacking progressive Senators for mounting mostly unsuccessful filibusters against a handful of the most problematic Bush nominees to the federal bench. That was then, this is now.