03 Oct 2009

Action Alert: Support the Bar Ethics Grievance Filed Against Sen. Vitter

The Louisiana State Bar Association has finally received an ethics complaint regarding the allegations, some of which he admitted, that Sen. David Vitter engaged in multiple instances of adulterous and criminal conduct. Help this complaint get the attention it deserves by contacting the LADB, Office of Disciplinary Counsel and LSBA to respectfully demand that the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel fully comply with the Louisiana Rules for Lawyer Disciplinary Enforcement.

26 Aug 2009

Register by noon, 08-28-09 (tomorrow), for Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s 08-30-09 (Sunday) Telephone Town Hall

Register for Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s 08-30-09 (Sunday) Telephone Town Hall.

07 Aug 2009

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga) emails constituents: You’ll be ‘safe and secure’ at my Town Hall meeting.

The conduct displayed at recent town hall meetings has now unbelievably led to this: Members of the United States Congress must now send emails to their constituents to assure them that it will be ‘safe and secure’ to meet with their Congressperson.

29 Jul 2009

Texas Tech Faculty Members Object to the Hiring of ‘Professor’ Alberto Gonzales

Sarah Nightingale of the Avalanche-Journal reports that Texas Tech professors object to the hiring of Alberto Gonzales and have submitted a petition in opposition to his employment at TTU.

11 Jul 2009

Renewing Protests in Iran Organized by Internet, txt msg

Iran saw a new hit-and-run protest strategy this week. Organized on the internet and by txt msg, relatively smaller and shorter protests replace the mass demonstrations, which are unsustainable in the long term, resulting in fewer arrests, deaths and less violence. Help the protesters remain anonymous online by adding your computer to the Tor network.

08 Jul 2009

You can help protesters in Iran remain anonymous online and circumvent internet censorship systems

In addition to its work on issues like warrantless wiretapping, state secrets and abuse of national security letters, the Electronic Frontier Foundation produces the Tor anonymizing software, which I’ve been using, with (apparent) success, in order to blog anonymously. As much as I appreciate the Tor software, EFF doesn’t produce it so an irritated attorney can write cathartic missives. Richard Esguerra of EFF explains how Tor is helping the Iranian protesters remain anonymous and circumvent internet censorship systems.

07 Jul 2009

The DoJ Office of Professional Responsibility is a real Roach Motel

John Gibeaut details at the ABA Journal the ‘dismal history of intentional and inadvertent violations’ by federal prosecutors and the complaints to DoJ OPR made by Judge Mark L. Wolf, Chief Judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, that yielded woefully inadequate DoJ OPR investigations and slap-on-the-wrist ‘punishments.’

07 Jul 2009

Alberto Gonzales finally lands a job.

It took nearly two years, but Alberto Gonzales finally found a job teaching at Texas Tech. Fortunately, Mr. Gonzales will be kept away from the Texas Tech School of Law: he’s only been hired to teach political science.

19 Jun 2009

Harriet Miers’ Testimony in US Attorney Firings Spotlights Again Why She is Unfit to Practice Law

It took two (2) years and a judicial scolding by United States District Judge John D. Bates, but Harriet Miers’ has finally testified in the U.S. Attorney firing investigations. But like the thief is not absolved from the crime of theft even if he returns the stolen property, Harriet Miers is not absolved of her prior unethical conduct just because she has now testified. To the contrary, her testimony this week serves to again expose her unethical conduct which demonstrates that she is unfit to practice law.

26 May 2009

John Yoo Advises Senate on the ‘Faithful Application’ of the Constitution

John Yoo finds giving advice is much easier than taking it as he tells the Senate how to faithfully apply the Constitution.