04 Nov 2014

Empire or Republic: Imperial Wars and Domestic Epidemics “You Can’t Have Wars and Public Health”

By James Petras, 99GetSmart Washington escalates its military interventions abroad, launching simultaneous air and ground attacks in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan; multiplying drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia; training, arming and financing proxy mercenaries in Jordan, the Gulf States and Iraq; and dispatching National Guard battalions to West Africa, ostensibly to

02 Nov 2014

Ballots or Bullets: Democracy and World Power

By James Petras, 99GetSmart Introduction The principal reason why Washington engages in military wars, sanctions and clandestine operations to secure power abroad is because its chosen clients cannot and do not win free and open elections. A brief survey of recent election outcomes testify to the electoral unattractiveness of Washington backed clients.

01 Nov 2014

Eric Toussaint: “Alexis Tsipras is right to call for an international conference on debt”

By Eric Toussaint and Tassos Tsakiroglou, CADTM • Manuel Valls and Matteo Renzi are asking for more time to reduce their countries’ deficits, offering in exchange reforms that would make their countries more competitive. Is this a real challenge to the European austerity consensus? Can this bring about some advantages? I think their request

31 Oct 2014

#FixEurope Autumn Campus: Nourishing Ideas

Written by Turkish political analyst / blogger, Gürkan Özturan: Activists and young intellectuals from across Europe came from all directions and gathered in the heart of Europe, at a centuries-old castle near Berlin, Schloss Wartin, for the #FixEurope Autumn Campus. European Alternatives, who organized the meeting, set up the agenda to

26 Oct 2014

The Pentagon and Big Oil: Militarism and Capital Accumulation

Posted by James Petras, 99GetSmart Introduction There is no question that, in the immediate aftermath and for several years following US military conquests, wars, occupations and sanctions, US multi-national corporations lost out on profitable sites for investments.  The biggest losses were in the exploitation of natural resources – in particular, gas and

20 Oct 2014

Turkey: New Bill Deepens Net Repression Yet Again

Posted by SnakeArbusto and greydogg, 99GetSmart Written by Turkish political analyst / blogger, Gürkan Özturan: Draconian Internet laws in Turkey are deepening yet once again with a new reform package that will bring new measures against freedom of speech in the country. Previously, the government had already tried to silence the masses

18 Oct 2014

The Anti-Empire Report #133 – The Islamist State

By William Blum, 99GetSmart The Islamist State You can’t believe a word the United States or its mainstream media say about the current conflict involving The Islamic State (ISIS). You can’t believe a word France or the United Kingdom say about ISIS. You can’t believe a word Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait,

13 Oct 2014

The Globalization of War

Posted by greydogg, 99GetSmart Source: Michel Chossudovsky The world is at a dangerous crossroads. The United States and its allies have launched a military adventure which threatens the future of humanity. VIDEO @ http://youtu.be/34j2Rf-IvJQ

12 Oct 2014

Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters

Posted by greydogg, 99GetSmart Source: TED “He who does not move does not notice his chains.”   – Rosa Luxemburg VIDEO @ http://youtu.be/pcSlowAhvUk

11 Oct 2014

Saturday READ – 11 October 2014

Posted by greydogg, 99GetSmart * HOPE AND DESPAIR GRIPS KURDS AS KOBANE CONTINUES TO RESIST By Joris Leverink, RoarMag ROAR editor Joris Leverink is in North Kurdistan on the Turkish-Syrian border to report on the battle for Kobanê and the Kurdish struggle for democratic autonomy. This is the first in a series