29 Jul 2013

And The Anthony Wiener Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To …

TADAAAAAAAAAAAA! Carlos Danger? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! CARLOS DANGER? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! CARLOS DANGER? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA hahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa! (AR)Anthony J. Wiener, candidate for Mayor of New York City, was presented today with the Anthony Wiener Lifetime Achievement Award at being a dick. The award, named for Anthony Wiener after his last Twitter flashing scandal, was presented

15 Jul 2013

The Jackass–a species that will never be endangered in Texas

Vaginas–the only weapon they believe in regulating in Texas Called back to a “Special Special” session to protect women from the sin of abortion, Texas legislators were protected by police who confiscated objects that might be thrown at them. Tampons. Maxi-pads. “Imagine the humiliation we might have suffered by being

08 Jul 2013

Scalp um, Swamp um, We will take um big score!

91% of all Dallas Cowboys fans would approve of this name change. While driving back from Anime Next in Somerset NJ the other week, I heard on the radio that the Washington Redskins name/mascot controversy had resurfaced. It seems some Native Americans think that “Redskins” is a pejorative! Why, all

01 Jul 2013

“Argle-Bargle?” I think somebody needs a time-out…

Razzle-Frazzle! Justice Antonin Scalia has been known for use of “original intent” arguments in his decisions on the Supreme Court. Recently, he thrilled linguistic historians by his stunning use of the term “Argle-Bargle” in his dissent while discussing the merits of the opposing decision in the DOMA case. We asked

24 Jun 2013

Edward Snowden, Sentenced to a Lifetime of Hiding for Telling the Truth

Well, we’d hardly lob missiles into a non-enemy country … would we? Once upon a time, Adam and Eve lived in a beautiful garden called Paradise. The caretaker of the garden, a being called God, told them that everything in the garden was good and wonderful. They had dominion over

20 May 2013

Benghazi!–IRS!–He Bowed to Someone!–His Tie is Crooked!–Scandal! Scandal!

O, my stars! I’m fixin’ to have the vapors! Do I really need to go into this? I think my cartoon expresses the ho-hum attitude the American people have for the incessant attempts to find some kind of scandal on a President who, as far as we know, has never

06 May 2013

Oh, Wayne, You’re SO Pre-dick-table…

Wayne LaPierre addresses Houston NRA members on why more guns would have helped Bostonians protect themselves against unknown bombers. (From a file photo) (IVCAFF News) Wayne LaPierre addressed members of the Houston NRA on Saturday, sparking the usual liberal controversy, but generating cries of “Remember the Alamo” accompanied by six-gun

29 Apr 2013

You mean Chechen ISN’T the Czech Republic?

“Too soon?” “No, too late–did you ever taste Wayne’s mom’s cooking? “Well, despite all the additional help by CNN, doing their best imitation of the kids down the block watching “what’s going on with all the cop cars,” the forces of the law managed to deal with the alleged Boston

15 Apr 2013

Barrie Antoinette: “Let Them Eat Catfood…”

“Life Among the Nobililty: The Swing” by Gregonard… Well, Barrie Antoinette–excuse me, President Barry Obama, delivered his proposal for a budget and yes, indeed-y, there was the much hated-by-the-constituency-but-loved-by-Wall-Street “chained CPI”. According to one writer, Barry has called the Republican bluff–they have said they will brook no tax increases unless

25 Mar 2013

An Anniversary Nobody Really Cheered About

Is that yellow cake I see on the floor? Last week, we saw the passing of the 10th Anniversary of the Iraq war—ooops, excuse me, Congress never declared war, so, ummmm, what do we call it? When the airplanes struck the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, somewhere amid the horror