18 Dec 2012

The Most, “Occupy”, Candidate Announced So Far: Tony Gronowicz for Mayor of NY City

Spread the word. Tony Gronowicz (G) is running for mayor of NY city 2013.  New York City of course being the birth-place of Occupy. When he ran for U.S. House earlier this year, he condensed his platform into four points: 1.   A New Deal, WPA -like program that offers a

17 Dec 2012

Now is the Time to Encourage More, “Occupy”, Campaigns: Michael Fulks (OK-2) & Joseph Diaferia (NY-16)

There are a couple campaigns that are not yet official, but could be if some amount of public enthusiasm arrives. Both potential candidates have platforms nearly identical to the New Progressive Alliance’s Unified Progressive Platform: http://newprogs.org/unified-progressive-platform-ratified Michael Fulks (OK-2) (I) championed a 4.3% as an Independent running for U.S House

15 Dec 2012

The Bradshaw Family, Progressive Champions of Carbondale IL, Jessica-City Council & Paula-U.S. House (CD-12)

Jessica Bradshaw (G) is running for a Spring City Council Election in Carbondale, IL. Jessica is a local activist who has been involved in the Compassionate Cities movement and the Non-Violent Carbondale organization. She has been a board member of her Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association and is currently the chair

14 Dec 2012

Second Chance in Texas, Maria Selva Running for State Senate (CD-6)

Maria Selva (G) is running for a special Texas state senate election (CD-6). Democrat winner Mario Gallegos died within days of the 2012 election. The special election to fill the seat is presumed to take place Jan. 22nd-26th. Results of the election may not be known till March of next

13 Dec 2012

Rochester NY’s Progressive Option: Drew Langdon

An announcement of a completely grass-roots campaign for Rochester, NY City Council. Drew Langdon (G) previously ran for state assembly.  His campaign is receiving some attention in Green Youth circles, but word hasn’t spread far beyond. As this is a 2013 election, campaign preparation are in very beginning stages.