15 Jun 2010

Please vote for me!

I just got notified that I'm one the Top Ten finalist for the Freedom to Marry's Blog For Equality scholarship program, as selected by judges at Americablog, Bilerico Project, Courage Campaign, DailyKos, OpenLeft, and Rod 2.0 I'm very excited and would love to be able to go to Netroots Nation! I'd appreciate you vote at  Vote

03 Jul 2008

Log cabin warns GOP, Beware of marriage Politics

Laura Calvo In article published in Politico Patrick Sammons, president of the Log Cabin Republicans, warns the GOP that marriage politics will not have the same effect on voters this election cycle as it did in 2004. Acceptance of loving, committed gay and lesbian couples is on the rise and,

19 Jun 2008

You just got to love Portland Oregon!

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood, would ya, would ya be my neighbor? So I do live in Portland Oregon, where it’s common to see cars with a familiar black and yellow bumper sticker that decries, “Keep Portland Weird”. I’m not so sure I agree that Portland should be

19 Jun 2008

Every two minutes…………………………

There’s been some talk about different aspects of   Portland Oregon’s Gay Pride. Some folks were amazed by the sheer number of faith based organizations in the parade. Others were impressed by the level of corporate sponsorship.  Other folks may have been overwhelmed by the sheer joy of witnessing the

04 May 2008

John McCain snubs all Oregon voters

Oregon, a vote by mail state, ballots started arriving in the mail on May 2nd. All ballots need to be returned by May 20th when the votes will be tallied. In anticipation of the ballots arriving by mail, every Oregon voter receives the Oregon voters Pamphlet where every candidate in

26 Mar 2008

Pregnant Daddy

I was made aware of the story about this loving couple before it broke.  I too initially had questions in my mind and heart that I caused me to take time to do a self inventory of why I was feeling both joy and apprehension. As I read the various

14 Mar 2008

What the GOP really sees as a threat to America

Let’s forget about the $12 billion per month we are spending on the war in Iraq. Let’s forget about our economy tanking, with energy and food prices climbing. Let’s also forget about the subprime mortgage crisis, the fact that many Americans are just one illness away from bankruptcy, our bridges