05 Aug 2013

Military Intelligence Still AWOL

General Martin E. Dempsey, chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, laid out the case for nonintervention in Slaughterhouse Syria: We should invest our money in training for the rebels, because that would only cost five hundred million dollars per month, while direct military intervention might run as high as one billion

14 Jul 2013

You Are Trayvon Martin

You’re headed home from the store on a dark, rainy night. Wearing a hoodie, your attention is forward, not to right nor left. In order to become aware of someone following you, your pursuer must issue a challenge or initiate a confrontation. Have you ever felt someone was following you

13 Jul 2013

You Tell Me:

If someone is being stalked, who is the perpetrator, and who the victim? If the stalker is the victim, then George Z. is innocent, and the precedent set at his trial makes one thing clear: if someone is after you, RUN! Don’t stand your ground, because your pursuer might have

12 Apr 2013

CPI Unchained: A Cruel Hoax

It’s a hoax because it gives the impression that Competent People are on top of the problem and dealing with it. It’s cruel because it is just one more step away from sane, humanistic policy into a morass of corporatism. “Consumer Price Index” – sounds like it’s all about us,

02 Mar 2013

Balance of Powers

Human beings are given protection under the Constitution because we are weak, and the State is strong. If freedom is the heart, balance of powers is the bone of our Constitution. We cannot, as individuals, simultaneously attend a board meeting in Ireland, run a dragline in Ontario, build a pipeline

26 Feb 2013


“Schadenfreudian Slip” – Inadvertent irony entering into statements of condolence or sympathy meant to be sincere, but corrupted by an unconscious wish to see another come to harm, and the pleasure occasioned thereby. An imperfect, but famous example of this occurred during the battle for the nomination to the candidacy

25 Feb 2013

Change Your Mind, Your Mass Will Follow

Enjoy your godlessness! Practice new-found freedoms, find out for yourself just how meaningless life really is, learn to love the absence of obligation to think deep thoughts, not that you ever did, though adding God to the stew did seem to add some dimension, some heft to the flat, banal,

23 Feb 2013


Parabox, n: a container lacking an interior.* to put things into it is to miss it entirely. In other words, if you’re in a parabox, try as you might, you can’t get in.         *if we accept “container” metaphorically, the mind.

23 Feb 2013

That’s Funny,

There’s no Mystery today. Go, hang out the sign, Won’t You?

15 Jan 2013

Follow The Money

Relief for New Jersey’s storm victims has been slow in coming. Why? Republicans are just dying  to spend on giveaways for the rich, and of course on defense. What do they have against poor Governor Christie? I put my ear to the ground and the dog whistles say, “Paaaaay-baaack!” Payback?