27 Jul 2008

Waiting for a Train: Progressives and Country Music

There are important values and a profound combination of hope, community spirt, and wariness of authority in country music. Progressives should start singing and dancing to the tune.

24 Jul 2008

Feds Set Up South Texas for Katrina 2.0

As Hurricane Dolly drew a bead on the South Texas coast and the mouth of the Rio Grande, workers began building a new section of the controversial U.S.-Mexico border Wall atop levees the government had already declared unsafe. The levees have been decertified, and if a hurricane of keen aim and sufficient strength hits, South Texans can expect the same treatment New Orleans citizens suffered.

20 Jul 2008

Bush as Empty Cargo Shorts: How Perfect Is That

It’s sad to report how George W. Bush captivated a cool town like Austin. Novelist Sarah Bird makes us laugh about it. We attempt here to draw a lesson: politics is social, and progressives need to get hip.

13 Jul 2008

Is Friendship Passe in Politics?

Democracy and friendship arise from the same ethical root: responsibility for one another.