14 Sep 2008

In Molly’s Back Yard: Resisting Rove

A key Rovian strategy is the demoralization of…us. For years, Texas liberals gathered in once a month in the late Molly Ivins back yard, where even the ducks weren’t down. This year, let’s turn all America into Molly’s back yard. If we resist the demoralization, we’ll win.

07 Sep 2008

Winning America’s Real Culture War

The real cultural war is between egalitarian democracy and authoritarian hierarchy. John McCain’s turn to hatred and division must be confronted, and the battle to perfect America begun.

05 Sep 2008

Open Letter to Network and Cable Pundits: This Is Not A Game

Journalists, commentators and pundits know full well that the McCain campaign has set out on a dangerous campaign course, fanning the flames of resentment, prejudice and hatred to improve its chances. Treating these tactics as legitimate, pretending there are no consequences, is a disservice to America and democracy. They should call it what it is.

02 Sep 2008

McCain & McGovern: Why Palin (Probably) Won’t Be Dumped

John McCain and his handlers know admitting his Sarah Palin mistake would doom his candidacy. Unless it is simply impossible to continue you with her, for legal or other reasons, it’ll be McCain/Palin.

31 Aug 2008

How Sarah Palin’s Plucky Ingenue Could Spell Curtains for McCain

We can’t mock Sarah Palin as an ingénue because she’s posing as a hero. We can’t mock her faux heroics because she’s an innocent ingénue. What do to? Never fear, it might mean curtains for John McCain.

24 Aug 2008

Bad Monkeys, Paradise and Politics

McCain’s weakness means we’ll see perhaps the most vicious right wing attack campaign yet in 2008. I blame Charlemagne, the birth of the belief in redemption through violence, and the right’s irony-free blindness to the fact that they are the today’s bad monkeys.

17 Aug 2008

Huck, Tom, Barack & John: Sound Hearts & Deformed Consciences

Mark Twain said that in his Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck’s sound heart defeated the deformed consciences of Tom and society. But America loves its Tom Sawyers. The question is, can Barack Obama win as Huck Finn?

10 Aug 2008

FDL Book Salon Welcomes George Lakoff: The Political Mind

George Lakoff wants to give to truth all the advantages that propagandists have bestowed upon the lie.

10 Aug 2008

What Then Is To be Seen In America?

This is an exhilarating and frightening election year. But we could win this election and still miss the main chance. As Ponce de Leon said, we aren’t getting any younger.

03 Aug 2008

How ‘Genre Politics’ Hurts Progressives

Voters’ political leanings have more in common with genre preference than traditional concepts of ideology or self-interest. By reinforcing difference and biases against out-groups, genre politics helps conservatives and hurts progressives.