22 Mar 2009

Pleasure Island Lesson: Don’t Play With the Bad Guys

President Obama’s dilemma was born of America’s past acceptance of elite control of politics and the economy. To restore confidence, he turned to “acceptable” insiders who helped cause the crash.

15 Mar 2009

You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

The American news business is fading fast. It’s sad, and it’s bad for democracy.

08 Mar 2009

The Ultimate Wedge Issue in a Democracy

It’s democracy that threatens Republican power. Curbing democracy is their strategy.

22 Feb 2009

America’s Elite: Wrong, 24/7

America’s political and cultural elite are wrong all the time. Why? Because the very things that get them where they are blind them to reality.

15 Feb 2009

Death Before Disorder: Health Care and “The Reader”

In the film, “The Reader,” Hannah Schmidt shocks the courtroom when she says that her Nazi-era failure to release 300 prisoners from a burning church made sense because chaos might have resulted from their release. But doesn’t the American health care system lock millions into a burning church that guarantees ill health and death?

01 Feb 2009

O Brother, What Culture War?

The culture wars aren’t over. Lincoln couldn’t do it. Neither could FDR or LBJ. Obama can’t either. Not even Alison Krauss can sing them away

25 Jan 2009

The Real Battle Line

Today’s Republican Party is defined by its belief in natural hierarchy and the inequality of people. It disguises its contempt for democracy so well that many who vote for GOP candidates are unaware of the party’s deep authoritarian, anti-democratic motives. It’s time America understood.

18 Jan 2009

Follow the Drinking Gourd

As Barack Obama spoke of hope in Wilmington at a park honoring Harriet Tubman and abolitionist Thomas Garrett, some Republicans were still chasing shadows along freedom’s trail.

11 Jan 2009

The Blair House Project

Great evils like war or enforced poverty can cause us to overlook the simple, shallow pettiness of the architects of inhuman global horrors. George Bush’s refusal to allow the Barack Obama family a room in Blair House is just such an act,

14 Dec 2008

Republicans: “Take Away the Car Keys”

Conservative ideologues looking to punish workers and the American middle class for auto industry failures are driven by an authoritarian worldview George Lakoff calls the strict parent model.