31 May 2009

American Aparthood

The Right believes humankind is sorted naturally upon a ladder. The Left believes we walk together upon a bridge. Aparthood, enforced hierarchy and separation, is the goal of the Right.

24 May 2009

Character Versus Brand: A Lesson in Framing

It’s character that matters in our political narratives. It’s through character that others judge us, and it’s through character our values are expressed.

12 May 2009

Great (Rick) Scott! Crook Leads Attack on Health Reform

It may seem like a gift that a notorious health care crook, Rick Scott, is leading the attack on health care reform. But like the old swift boaters, his attacks will work if we don’t take them on loudly and persistently.

10 May 2009

Little Words Mean Life or Death: Framing Health Care

Today in America, people die who could be saved because of the political power of big insurance. Lies are used to justify the status quo. It’s time to tell the truth.

03 May 2009

Unstuck in Time, or Castro! Negroes! Duck and Cover!

Talk of states’ rights. Castro and Cuba in the news. Warnings about deadly attacks from afar. Racial fears getting stoked. It all happened before. It led to an alienated South and a dominant GOP which rode the success of it’s Southern Strategy. Don’t let it happen again.

26 Apr 2009

Torture and the United States of Alyssa Peterson

We can’t be democratic citizens and torturers, too. That is not a preference, it is an empirical fact. Democracy is based upon recognition of the unique individual. Torture is the denial of that recognition.

19 Apr 2009

Secession and Racism

Talk of secession is so morally repugnant it’s hard to adequately condemn. Secession is a racist code word being used by some Republicans to improve their 2010 chances. They should repudiate it.

12 Apr 2009

“Liquid Trust”: the Perfect Scent for Liars

This is Easter Sunday, a good spring day to consider a resurrection movement of the truth.

05 Apr 2009

Gilgamesh versus the Evangelical-Capitalist Resonance Machine

We’ll turn to the oldest human story of all, the Epic of Gilgamesh, to understand what links the evangelical right to free market extremists. Until we understand them, we can’t beat them.

29 Mar 2009

“Sixteen Tons”: A National Anthem?

Despite the claims of the rich, wealth does not equal morality. The American economy won’t recover until we understand that.